05-29-12 Random Thoughts

Yesterday Wade and I were beginning to plan a trip around our anniversary in July.  I looked at Wade and said, “Last year you took me to Luby’s near the MD Anderson Cancer Center and I ate a few bites, politely threw up in my napkin, and we left!”  This reflection made us both laugh hard!  We had gone there hoping I could eat jello or mac and cheese or pudding or something!!!  At the time, it wasn’t very funny because I was so sick (2 months post stem cell transplant), but we can now laugh!  Time does heal a lot of wounds.  This made me start thinking about some random stuff:

Reflect, pay attention


Write a letter

Embrace diversity

Be kind

Be for real

Listen to music

Create traditions

Don’t honk (unless you love Jesus!)


Sit down to eat

Read widely, go to the library

Smile at strangers

Judge not


Eat more veggies

Wear sunscreen

Give a damn

Pay it forward


Ride a bike

Wash your hands

Have hope…hope for the best

Give love