From 62 to 6…Robert, this one is for you!

This has been an exciting year for me, and at the top of the list is being 6 years out from my stem cell transplant!  Six years ago today I was very sick.  All of the toxic chemo had kicked in and totally killed my bone marrow.  I had found out that my donor’s stem cells were on a flight to MD Anderson in Houston and , after being worked on in the lab all night, would be ready for me the next day.  This is an indescribable feeling only a survivor sister or brother would understand.  To be so sick, but to be incredibly hopeful and thankful!  To be a survivor five or ten years out seemed an eternity and unthinkable.  It was a time of living minute to minute.

Fast forward to April 17, 2017.  My phone rings at 6:00 A.M.and in my grogginess and realizing it was still dark, thought it must be some kind of emergency.  Nope, it was my son, Hayes, singing Happy Birthday to me!  That was oh so special and started my day out in the best way!  Throughout the day that I turned 62 years old,  I received wonderful cards and calls, signed up for social security ( hahaha!), and started thinking.  

Thought about how I no longer “think” like a sick person.  Ok, I still obsess on hand washing!  Thought about how I feel better than I have felt long before my diagnosis of myelodysplastic syndrome eleven years ago.  Thought about how I have my mojo back.  Thought about how I can run 3 miles in 30 minutes every day.  Thought about how incredibly blessed I am with good health, family, and my awesome husband, Wade, who loves me completely and wonderfully!  Thought about how it was all worth it!

Fast forward to last week when I had my 6 month appointment with Dr. Hosing at MD Anderson.  I love my appointments with her!  Her nurse, Kelly, is the best!   This time, when Dr. Hosing walked in, she said my blood work was so normal that we had no medical issues to talk about, so can we just visit?  Where have you travelled?  We chatted for a while, I hugged her neck, and thought about how much I love her.  And I thought about the perfect, expert, loving care she has given me since I became her patient after Dr. Garcia Mañero released me to her.  Going back to MD Anderson is not dreaded.  No, it’s more like going back to the people and place where I was given another chance!  Going back home.  It’s looking forward to seeing people I love.  Dr. Garcia Manero, I’m going to see you next time I am there and give you a big hug!  You knew the absolute perfect time for my transplant!

None of this would be possible without one person, my donor and my friend, Robert!  He is my lifesaver.  At 19 years old, he stepped up and donated those awesome stem cells to an unknown stranger.  What an incredible guy he is!  Last summer, my husband and I were honored to attend his wedding to his beautiful bride, Theresa, in Pennsylvania. We stayed with his parents, and were able to meet his extended family and friends.  It was an amazing experience!  You fellow survivors can relate to the indescribable love, closeness, and thankfulness you feel for your donor.   Thank you, Robert, for being my lifesaver.  For your selfless act of giving me your stem cells.  (Best stem cells EVER!)  For your friendship!

Robert got into the Be The match registry through Coach Andy Talley’s “Get in the Game” program.  Thanks, Coach Talley, for all you do to get college athletes into the registry!

For all of you facing a transplant or recovering from one, never give up hope.  Follow your Doctor’s advice and instructions perfectly, take your meds, rely on family and friends for support, keep putting one foot in front of the other even when you don’t feel like it, eat healthy food, exercise, think positive thoughts, develop your spirituality, and be thankful!

This one is for you Robert!  I am so thankful for you and  I love you!  Happy 6!!!!!

10 thoughts on “From 62 to 6…Robert, this one is for you!

  1. Gay says:

    Holly, I am so very happy for you!
    Love, Gay

  2. Anonymous says:

    Holly, Happy 6!!!!!
    I love you,

    • Barbara McCrary says:

      Holly…I cried tears of joy as I read this letter. I am sorry I have not had the opportunity to get to know you in person. I have known your fantastic Wade since he was born. I knew when Jean told me about your illness, you would have a wonderful support group from Wade and his family. They are all great friends of ours.
      I cannot possibly express to you how I have admired your courage, determination, care for your Doctors as they cared for you and to FIGHT like you did at the darkest of times. You are truly a REMARKABLE lady. I am so thankful to Robert for giving you your life back. May God continue to bless you and Wade!

  3. Glo Easley says:

    Great blog Holly! When I think back about that one week when I stayed with you and we could barely keep up with all the meds you were taking and how sick you were (the week of the BK Virus) and you walking around with an IV bag, and a few other unmentionable items attached to your body….I can’t believe how healthy you are now! HAPPY DANCE for you! And Happy 6th Birthday! Love You, Mama Glo

  4. Cheryl Cockrum says:

    Thank you Holly! You share many similarities as my husband. He had his 1st stem cell transplant 6 years ago at IU Simon Cancer Center for lymphoma. He had his 2nd stem cell transplant at MD Anderson almost a year ago for MDS and his doctors there are the same as yours – and they are awesome!!! Someday we hope to meet his donor to thank him personally – Good luck to you!

  5. Gail says:

    Holly. Cheers to you, Robert, your family and your mojo!
    I am 3 years behind you with my stem cell transplant due to MDS and feel equally blessed with a full recovery. At 6 years out you have beat the odds as we all know! I feel very fortunate to have been able to receive my treatment at MD Anderson with Dr. Garcia-Manero as my Leukemia doc and Dr. Champlin as my stem cell specialist. I have communicated with my donor after year 2 (international donor), but have never had the opportunity to meet him.
    Thanks for sharing your progress and maybe we’ll run into each other some day at MDA. Take care and continue to count your blessings as you are so beautifully doing now!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing this journey. Your incites & positive attitude give me hope: I start BMT next week for Myelofibrosis.
    Blessings to you and your family. 🙂

  7. Dr. Rashi says:

    Hope it all goes really smoothly for you. Thanks for sharing your Journey. Your insights and positivity would give hopes and confidence to those starting with their bone marrow transplant
    Looking forward to hear more about your Journey.

    • hollyeasley says:

      Thanks so much Dr. Rashi! I appreciate your kindness. I’m planning a new blog post soon.

      • Barry Parnas RN says:

        Hi. Found your blog just now. Thank you for writing about your experience. I’m BMT for MDS Dec2018. Doing well today and accepting that it’s a rollercoaster ride from here on out. I hope that you are well!

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