01-25-2014 Flip Flop

A really good sign of wellness is the return of the ole mojo, energy, busy-ness, and not taking the time to blog! I can finally say that I feel like my self again, that person I was before I got sick. It’s been a long journey, a journey worth every step whether forward or backward, a journey that has blessed me with new friends, random acts of kindness, and the belief that chance meetings with strangers weren’t so random after all. It has been a life changing experience, for the better. Deep down in my heart I know I would still feel this way even if my outcome had not been successful. The love, caring, and kindness of others in the face of adversity is, for the lack of a better term, life changing!

Dr. Hosing, my stem cell transplant doctor at MD Anderson Cancer Center whom I dearly love, took me off of my immune suppressant drug, sirolimus, last July. I had a few bouts of minor Graft vs Host issues which were treated. Each time it returned, it was easier to get rid of, until finally, it didn’t return! I credit this to my awesome donor, Robert, and his strong immune system which I now call my own! Robert is one of those blessings of my life changing journey. It is impossible to find the words to express my love and gratitude for Robert, my life saver. A future blog will be about our awesome trip to Chicago with Robert and Theresa last summer when we went to the Chicago White Sox and Yankees game, that highly publicized first game A-Rod played. We had a great time!

OK, now for the flip flop part. Wade and I will be returning to MD Anderson on Monday. This time we are going for Wade, my beloved husband who was the most amazing care giver. Last fall we went to MD Anderson, his first appointment and my checkup appointment. How strange for us both to have medical record numbers and to split up to make all of our appointments! He has a very rare disease called Castleman’s disease. These are lymph node tumors. He has had two tumors removed, the first one was under his arm and removed about 25 years ago. The second one, 7 years ago in his neck, and he now has a large, very vascular tumor in his chest near his heart and lungs, making surgical excision too risky. When this tumor was found last summer during his yearly physical at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, we knew it was time to head to MD Anderson. My Dr. Garcia-Manero, who treated me at MD until my stem cell transplant, and whom I have the utmost respect and love for, recommended Dr. Luis Fayad who specializes in lymphoma and myeloma. After a pet scan, another tumor was found in his abdomen. Next week he will have another pet scan to see how much the tumors have grown, and a needle biopsy of the tumor in his abdomen. Then we will find out what his recommended treatment will be. There are two types of Castleman’s, one is a single tumor that affects one lymph node and doesn’t recur, and is not hereditary. Wade’s brother has had a single Castleman’s tumor removed years ago, and one of Wade’s daughters has had a Castleman’s tumor removed when she was 18 years old. So much for the non hereditary part! So, this is a nontypical difficult case. Most of the doctors whom Wade has seen haven’t heard of Castlemans since med school! The other type of Castleman’s occurs in clusters and sometimes turns into lymphoma. Thankfully, Wade’s tumors have been single lymph node tumors. We are both very pleased and have the utmost confidence in Dr. Fayad. On our first appointment with him, he played a little joke on us and made us laugh! We are so fortunate to be at MD Anderson, the number one cancer center in the nation with the very best doctors.

I will be starting on a new journey myself, that of caregiver. I hope and pray that I can care for Wade just as he cared for me…selflessly, lovingly, and completely. I will be able to understand the other side of the journey.

32 thoughts on “01-25-2014 Flip Flop

  1. Vandra Milloy says:

    Prayers for a speedy recovery!!!! Holly you will be an awesome caregiver. God is good.

  2. Ernestine says:

    I am so happy to hear of your good health. You have been on my mind constantly. I am certain all will be well with Wade; you are the best of people. Love you so! Will email with more chat.

  3. Amandina corral says:

    Omg. I hope everything goes well for both of you! Y’all are always in my thoughts. Love you!

  4. Becky Scurlock says:

    Holly, I was just thinking of you today, turned on my computer and there was your post! Must have been a God thing 🙂
    You know I will add Wade to my prayer list and I am so glad that you are already well familiar with M.D. Anderson and what it takes to navigate a cancer diagnosis. Your love and experience will make you the best caregiver. Not to mention that you are just so darn pretty! Please give Wade a hug from me and keep me posted friend.
    Love to you, Becky

  5. monicadunlap says:

    Holly and Wade maybe we can be roommates. My transplant will be 1st of March. Becca and Sarah will keep my site updated on caringbridge.org. Praying for GOD to give all of us HIS strength, courage and peace which passes all understanding. Please keep us posted. I tried to comment on your blog but could not get it to post. We love you, Monica and Jimmy

  6. Anonymous says:

    Holly just realized we will both be at MDA THIS Mon. 11 am labs. 1pm Dr.Popat transplant Dr. Is my schedule.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Praying for you, Wade!

  8. Laura Barber says:

    Prayers and wishes for blessings being sent to you both!

  9. Dearest Holly, very best wishes to you and Wade. M.D. Anderson should name a window for you, for the light you bring to all of us. When I worked at MDACC, I believe the physician I supported, Dr. Razelle Kurzrock, was well versed in Castleman’s. She has (sadly) moved to UC San Diego, but contact with her might be something for your bag of tricks.

    • hollyeasley says:

      Dear Linda, thank you for your kind words and your insight concerning Castleman’s and Dr. Kurzrock. Dr. Fayad said he was going to consult with someone in California…I will investigate! So happy to hear from you…you amazing blogger you! You are truly awesome! (Did I use too many exclamation points?!)

  10. Chastity Rogers says:

    I wish you both the best of luck! I will be praying for you and Wade. (from a follower from Alabama)

  11. rap55 says:

    Holly and Wade,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you both!!! Thank God you have each other!

    I am sending you both a huge hug!!!!!!!!


  12. Cindy Weatherly says:

    Holly, I will continue to keep your family lifted up in prayer! God bless you all!

  13. Gay says:

    Praying and sending angels.

  14. Kathy Roberts-Douglass says:

    Dearest Holly,

    I think of you often and so happy to read your health continues to be strong and in good shape. My prayers now will add Wade and the new development with the Castleman’s disease. I know GOD is good and HE has shown HIS mercy in so many ways; so my prayer for you and WADE will be to continue these mercies.

    YOU are a hero Holly and exemplify what so many could not do; so keep the faith as you have. Blessings and love


  15. Adriana "Andy" says:

    Holly and Wade, have tried to keep up with your blogs from time to time and also the information Amandina shares with me. I’m sadden to hear about Wade’s health. I pray to God that the specialists will find the best way to find the proper treatment for him. I cannot begin to understand how strong of a woman you have been, but I’m sure God has everything planned for you and Wade. Not much, one can say to you and your family, other than offer prayers, and that, I will do. Adriana Bucksath

  16. Linda block says:

    Praying for you Wade! Holly will be the perfect angel for you! Get well soon!

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