Potential donors…. yay!

Back in October, Wade and I sponsored a donor drive with Be The Match National Bone Marrow Registry and 29 people did the cheek swab and entered the registry.  We were a little disappointed because the guidelines had been narrowed by the registry by age restrictions, so only 29 people were able to get in due to the new age limit of 44 years old.  We could have entered a significant amount of people if the age limits had not been lowered.

Two of Wade’s employees have been notified that they are potential matches!!!!!  Yes, out of our 29 people, 2 are potential matches!   My heart is singing and my feet want to dance, except that they are 2 left feet!  This is a huge deal for me, not to mention 2 other people out there who must have a donor in order to live.  Thinking about Robert entering the registry three years ago and then saving my life, I am humbled by this act of giving.  Angie, when she received her letter that she might be a potential match, ran to the bathroom and fell to her knees and prayed that she would be the one!  Libby is wanting to save someone’s life just as well.

So I am begging all of you to get in to the registry.  It is a simple cheek swab.  You could be the one to save a life just like Robert saved mine!  I am overflowing with happiness and joy.

Marrow.org will get you there!   You could save someone’s life!


P.S.  I just got to 30,000 views…thank you so much!  My heart is so full and happy!


4 thoughts on “Potential donors…. yay!

  1. .Prayers are answered and miracles still happen!!!
    ~ Suzanne Smith-Collier

  2. Dina says:

    Definitely want to do.

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