05-24-2012 Happy First Birthday!

Wow, what an emotional day today has been!  First of I have received some beautiful cards, gifts, comments and calls that have just made my day!  It has truly been an amazing journey.  I am so thankful for all of my doctors, nurses, support people, and friends at MD Anderson and Harrington Cancer Center that have lovingly cared for me.  And for my family and friends who were there every step of the way.  I just can’t describe the feeling of having another opportunity for a normal, healthy life!  I remember so well the day I was told that without a transplant I would probably have 6 months to a year left. And here I am one year out!!!!!  Thank you to my donor!  The amazing 20 year old  young man who so unselfishly gave his stem cells to give me another chance.  Oh how I love him!

This is what a stem cell transplant looks like.  I am posting a picture of the bag that I received one year ago.  I was a very sick person that day, but joyously happy.

Bob and Camille Beville, very dear people from Hereford, came by my room and donned the robes, masks etc. to see me the day of my transplant.  Bob was there for a check up…he had been treated at MD Anderson a few years ago for bile duct cancer and was pronounced CURED that day!  That was so encouraging to me!

Just a few more pictures that encourage me to keep walking on this journey, even when it gets difficult.  My grandchildren are awesome!  I missed out with them last summer, this summer we are going to make up for it!

I just got an email from Glo, my mother-in-law.  She said not everybody gets to celebrate 2 birthdays a year!  I love that!  Here are some of the gifts I have received.

From Julie Butler who is also a stem cell transplant survivor, and her mom Charla

From Lucy Richardson, my friend who publishes my posts on MD Anderson’s Cancerwise blog

Beautiful card-how did he find such an appropriate card?!, iPod touch, and cool wooden charm from my husband, Wade

In honor of Robin Gibbs who lost his battle with cancer this week, I downloaded “Bee Gees Number Ones” and have been listening to it today….I love it. It brings back lots of memories!   Hope everyone has a safe, fun, Memorial Day weekend!


6 thoughts on “05-24-2012 Happy First Birthday!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh Sweet, precious Holly,
    Tears are streaming down my face with joy for you! You are such an inspiration to me. In the midst of a move but will call you real soon
    GOD’s Blessings to one of GOD’s special children. HE loves you so!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Holly…what an absolutely amazing beautiful lady Wade has chosen as his LIFE partner. I am so touched by your blog and thank you for sharing your journey. I just know there are many wonderful days ahead. No more faking…you seem to have it made. What an inspiring motto!

    Long ago family friend…Barbara McCrary

  3. Mikie Bishop says:

    Happy, happy birthday! So glad you made it to this milestone. Now onward to the next one. Love you so much, Mikie & Dwayne

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