04-12-12 Feeling The Love In St. Louis

On a recent quick trip to St. Louis, I had the opportunity to shop at a boutique next to our hotel – Blue Moon Activewear.  (It is actually in Clayton, Missouri.  St. Louis is made up of a lot of little towns).  Cheri has the coolest store…all kinds of workout clothing, and also comfortable active wear that is very fashionable.  For instance, I got a pair of really cute jeans that are actually yoga pants.  How cool is that?  While I was trying on, I admired the artwork on the walls of the dressing rooms and decided to snap a pic.  There were song lyrics from Boz Scaggs in one room and Crosby and Nash in the other.  I instantly knew Cheri is a music lover!  She caught me taking the pictures so we started to visit, which led to my blog, which led to my transplant journey.  Cheri is in the Bone Marrow Registry and is very much wanting to be a donor!  She said something that really touched me, (and yes, made me happy cry!).  Speaking of my donor she said, “He’s going to Heaven”.  I love that!  It all just brings to mind how many amazing people I have met throughout my journey in so many different places.  And how much encouragement and HOPE are generously given to me by Cheri and so many others!  If you are in St. Louis, you will love shopping at Blue Moon Activewear.  And be sure to go next door to Extra Virgin, An Olive Explosion where you will find amazing olive oils and balsamic vinegars from around the world and a tasting bar to try them all.  Also an olive bar, pastas, condiments, cookbooks, serve ware, and all kinds of cool stuff!  I bought an olive oil that is produced very near where my friend Rosanna lives in Catania, Italy. She has a great blog –  rap55.wordpress.com.  Check it out!

To become a stem cell donor, go to www.marrow.org for information.  You might be able to save someone’s life, just like my donor saved mine!

Love your soul and it will love your body…which will love your yoga jeans.”  This is printed on the tag of my yoga jeans.






6 thoughts on “04-12-12 Feeling The Love In St. Louis

  1. rap55 says:

    Holly Dearest!

    You are amazing!!! I loved your post and that you also found an olive oil from the Catania area. Ours is a small world. Where is the olive oil from exactly? Who produces it?
    You better enjoy it over there for now and then when you come over to Catania we’ll go to the place where they produce it together!

  2. hollyeasley says:

    Hi Rosanna! You’ve got a deal! I will be there as soon as I can get medical clearance! For now I will enjoy organic olive oil made from Tondra Iblea olives produced by Azienda Agrobiologica Marino. I haven’t opened it yet, it’s almost time to open a new bottle though! I also got 2 beautiful Italian cookbooks…I feel a feast coming on!!! Love you my Friend! Holly

  3. Anonymous says:

    Glad to hear you are on a shopping spree. Just got my blood counts back and platlets are extremely low. Waiting to hear back from Dr. Praise GOD for all donars. Hope you had a happy EASTER!
    GOD’s Blessings,

    • hollyeasley says:

      Monica, I’m so sorry to hear about your blood counts being so low, but I thank God for Dr. V and know that he will do the right thing for you. I’ve had several platelet transfusions and it really isn’t a big deal at all. I will be thinking about you and praying for you! I will call soon to check on you and see how you are doing. Hang in there! Love you

  4. sheilagreen says:

    Happy birthday, cuz! I hope you have a great day, and are doing exactly what you want. Love you! Sheila

  5. hollyeasley says:

    Thank you Sheila! It was a great birthday! The one I am really looking forward to is my 1st transplant birthday on May 24th. Yippee!!!

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