Hi Peeps,

Well, I got through my week of chemo, but with this round I had more side effects.  Mostly tiredness and loss of energy, and loss of appetite.  My leg with deep vein thrombosis also decided to flare up.  Long story short, the coumadin wasn’t working very well so now Wade gives me lovenox injections every morning and night.  You should have seen us last night with the first shot….I was all tensed up and he was afraid of hurting me!  I felt so sorry for him!  But this morning was much better, we have a great system going now.  The swelling and pain seems to be better today so maybe the shots are working.

Here is some fun news…I have been asked by Jo at UT Television to do a video interview on what to expect on your first visit to MD Anderson.  I will also be in a video interview about the Rotary House.  These will be on the MD Anderson website.  Wow!  I was very flattered and pleased to be able to do this (and a little scared I have to admit)!  Hopefully I will be able to say something that will be helpful to others.  Interviews will be during my next appointments at MDA the first week of March.

Last but certainly not least, a picture of the beautiful watch my dear friend and  nurse in Houston, Patti, made for me.  She put all of those links together.  This is the third piece she has made for me.  This type of jewelry making is called chain maille.  I was going to take a picture with the watch on my wrist, but I have not so beautiful ecchymosis, which are purple spots due to bleeding under the skin (one of my side effects).  Chain maille dates back to 300 BC when clothing, armor, and all kinds of things were made with maille.  Patti’s chains are so smooth and beautiful it is truly amazing!

Bye for now!



5 thoughts on “02-21-12

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I know why they asked you to do the videos. You will be great in them! Pretty watch, too! We will be in Friona for a couple of days. Going tomorrow and coming home Saturday. Love you, M & D

  2. Jyl says:

    Hi Holly! It was great to see you the other evening. Will continue to pray for you on this journey–blessings to you and Wade!
    Love the watch–what a special friend!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sweet Holly and Wade,
    Well Ms. Movie Star can I have your autograph before you become too famous?
    I hate you are having a hard time but I am so thankful you have Wade and he has you. Tell him I am so proud that he has learned to give you your shots!!
    I lift Wade and you up in prayer every day. One scripture that sustains me is: GOD is my ROCK and my salvation. In HIM I put my trust. I say it often and it reminds me that no matter what HE has got everything under control.
    I love you Ms. Holly!
    GOD’s Blessings,
    PS: I am in Denver this week at Jewish National Hospital with my daughter Sarah getting extensive test and help on her asthma. It’s the #1 respiratory hospital in the nation. We are really impressed!

  4. Joyce wells says:

    My precious little Red headed FRIEND,
    I enjoyed our phone visit this morning. I gave Harold an injection after his diagnosis’ once a month for 15 years.
    I always hated sticking him, but it was something we had to do. Sometimes we would play about it and others he would say ” Nana, that hurt ” He was such a clown. Honey, take good care of your leg and rest a lot.
    Your watch is just beautiful. A gift like that means so much because of all the love that went into making it for you.
    Prayers,Hugs and Kisses, Joyce

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