08-19-11 Oh I wish I had an Oscar Meyer Wiener…

Last night on the drive back from dinner, we saw the Wienermobile parked in a hotel parking lot!  I busted a “U” so fast my head was spinning!  Here it is, folks!


Whether you are on the wienermobile or my personal journey to be cancer-free and a survivor, here is my motto, mantra, goal, keep me on track thought/ideal:  You can’t look down, you have to move forward, or you will never make it home.  I am hoping I will be released one week from today!  The count down begins!  I can’t wait to get there!


5 thoughts on “08-19-11 Oh I wish I had an Oscar Meyer Wiener…

  1. Louis says:

    Holly,you never cease to amaze us. We are counting down with you. We are so anxious to see you.
    We LOVE you & Wade ………….M & d

  2. Linda Block says:

    This is awesome news, Holly. Can’t wait to see you here…

  3. Gay says:

    Great news! Keeping my fingers crossed and prayers going your way.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sweet Holly and Wade,
    How VERY exciting to be homeward bound! Praise GOD, Praise GOD!!
    Best news you’ve shared!!! We’ll still have a dinner date but it will be in Lubbock not Houston, YEAH!!!!!
    GOD’s Blessings,

  5. Janie Banner says:

    Holly – Hey Beautiful! Your life and the way you are living it, leaves me in slack-jawed amazement and turns my heart to mush, my eyes wet, my soul brim-
    ming with joy, and steadies my faith and hope. Thank you, Holly. Soon we will welcome you home to Herd-Town. Prayers continue….Lots of love, Janie & Mark

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