Wednesday 08-17-11

MD Anderson gave me a free wig, so yesterday Wade and I went to the Beauty/Barber Shop on the 6th floor between elevators E and F.  The shop is operated by Volunteer Services.  In fact all the gift shops at MDA are operated by Volunteer Services which I think is cool!  We signed in and were taken back by a sweet, shy girl.  There were several wigs on display…but I noticed nothing in the red range!  Well, they had jet black, dark brown, blonde (that looked like baby doll hair!), and gray.  I started trying on wigs.  OK y’all, at the beginning of this journey, I said I would not wear a wig…it would be hot and itchy!  Actually I learned it is a fun thing to do.  Especially trying on all the styles and colors…I really hate to admit this!  Gray, black, and blonde were definite NO’s.  So I went with the brown. Wade and I had some errands to do after this, and he kept telling me he felt as if he were with the wrong woman!  LOL!!!   Here it is!