Mondaay 08-15-11 Day +83

I have lots of good news to report today!  First of all the appointment with my neurologist went very well.  She said I had compressed and inflamed peroneal nerves that exit on the outside of my legs, just under my knees. These nerves are causing my lower legs and feet to be weak and numb, and it also causes the foot drop.  It is definitely not due to chemo, which I was thrilled to hear.  It is due to me not having much tissue on my legs right now and being a side sleeper and leg crosser….all the bad things for the peroneal nerve!  It will just have to heal.  She also doesn’t believe I need to wear the leg braces, only lace up shoes.  I was so klutzy with those things, what a relief!  Of course I have to break that news to my Physical Therapist tomorrow.  If some of my meds are perturbing this problem, it will become evident as I am weaned off my immunosuppressant.  My sister, Jan, came to stay with me for the weekend and she got here in time to go with me to this appointment which was great!   I also saw the ophthalmologist Friday and had a 4 hour wait instead of the previous appointment which was 5 hours!  But everything checked out ok and there are very few blind spots left.  Good news!

Jan and I had a great time on Saturday shopping at Sam Moon and then The Galleria.  We ate out at Hillstone, which we loved.  Our biggest laugh came when she tried on my wig!  She graciously agreed to let me post the picture!

Jan left yesterday, and Wade came in last night.  I was soooo happy to see him!  It had been 2 weeks since he had been here…usually it is every other week.  We went to my appointment this morning, had my usual magnesium IV, and saw my Team and Dr. Hosing.  This was my strategy:  got all dressed up, makeup, wig,  jewelry, contact lenses (which they didn’t notice, I’m not supposed to wear them quite yet, but I secretly got permission from the ophthalmologist!) the whole deal.  Since I have to leave the apartment by 6:35 to be there at 7:00 I usually don’t do all of this.  When my team came in they just really looked at me!  I told them I was hoping they would let me go home if they knew how good I felt and looked!  Well, guess what!?!  Maybe week after next I will be dismissed!  Happy dance!  Here is the down side….I was due for my 2nd round of Vidaza chemo beginning today, but my platelets are still too low so we are postponing that until next Monday.  Two shots a day in the belly for 5 days.  If that goes well I will get to go home that weekend.  I am praying no other issues pop up between now and then!  That will be day +95,  just 5 days away from that magical number they use here, 100 days!  I’M A SURVIVOR!!!!!  By the time I get home I will have been in Houston for 4 months.

Wade took me out on a date to celebrate at Pappas Bros. Steak House. We had a steak which was very delicious!  Perfect evening!  Our apartment is about 3 blocks from Reliant Stadium and The Texans are playing their first game tonight so traffic is very congested around here.  I noticed the tailgaters started setting upon Thursday morning!

Have a great evening!

                                                                                                                                                                                                     About to go out for dinner to celebrate!