Friday 08-05-11 Day +73

You know if I haven’t blogged all week, I’m either having fun with Blaire, or busy at the hospital!  This week it was both!  It all started out with muscle weakness in my lower legs and numbness on top of my feet.  So I was referred to Physical Therapy for an assessment.  By the end of the assessment, Andrew informed me that my anterior tibialis muscle is very weak due to the steroid treatment I am on for GVHD.  This is the muscle going from the top of your foot up the shin bone.  By the end of the appointment, I could hardly pick my feet up and arrangements were being made to have me fitted for braces to keep me from falling.  When Dr. Hosing found out, she referred me to a neurologist to have a consult to rule out any neurological problems.  I had my first therapy session with Andrew on Thursday.  I made it through fine, but was glad it was over!  When my muscles get tired, it’s very difficult to pick up my feet when I am walking and my feet just kind of go “splatt” on the floor.  Weird!  Then I had my Occupational Therapy assessment with Vivianne Tuesday, and found out  that I will be learning lots of good tricks to deal with Cancer Related Fatigue. She is preparing me for the transition I will make whenever I go home, especially around the week that I will be on the Vidaza chemo every month.   I will go to PT twice a week and OT twice a week until I am released to go home, and I think it is something I will enjoy.  They are both in the Rehabilitation Services at MDA and have a very nice facility and extremely caring therapists.  I am in the process of being scheduled for the neurologist, so I don’t yet know when that will happen.  I will be fitted for the braces Tuesday.  Another great appointment I had this week was my First Survivorship Program Visit  with Nora.  It was a 2 hour class, one on one, preparing me for the transition of going home and beyond.  I got all the scoop on what and when I can start doing things again, really every aspect of life after transplant.  I found it very encouraging, helpful, and hopeful!  Nora will be working with Dr. Hosing’s team on my return visits, scheduling different labs, tests, and helping me with any issues I may have.  At the beginning of the session Nora told me  I am a survivor now and caregivers are now included as survivors too!  Blaire and I shed a few happy tears when she was talking about that!   My team is starting to decrease the steroid treatment as of tomorrow, and then we will see if my GVHD is going to flare up again.  I think this will determine when I will get to go home.  So everybody have happy thoughts that it will be OK!

Blaire and I had a great 5 days together!  It just passed by too quickly!  On Tuesday we met Kelli at La Madeleine for lunch and had a great time!  I learned that when nothing else sounds good to me, their potato soup tastes really good!  Andrew, (the PT) told me I needed to walk at least 2 extra hours a day for my leg muscles so Blaire and I incorporated walking into shopping.  Not a bad deal!  I took Blaire to the airport this afternoon and picked up Glo about the same time.  I’m really looking forward to spending the week with her, we started off with a nice early dinner at PF Chang.  Yummy!  I think the next time I see some of my “caretakers”  it will be at home, so I am really enjoying spending my last few weeks with them here in Houston!

Everyone have a great weekend!




6 thoughts on “Friday 08-05-11 Day +73

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sweet Holly and Wade,
    Wow girl, a survivor!!!! Way to go!!! It makes me cry happy tears for you and your family!! I’m always amazed at all the different physical things your body is going through. I didn’t realize how many things the transplant effects. Knowing MDA is starting to prepare you to go home makes me cry more happy tears for you. Holly, you are my hero and I want to be like you if and when I have my transplant. You’ll never know how your courage and positive attitude have impacted my life. I praise GOD and I give HIM thanks for my friendship with you. Take care and stay strong!
    GOD’s Blessings,

  2. Mikie says:

    WOW! That was a weeks worth of blogging all in one!!! Braces, huh? Bummer! I just try to keep in mind that the folks at MDA have helped sooooo many people survive and they know what they are doing so I am praying that you pass right on through all these phases of getting well right down to the very last second and then you will be well. And I am soooo grateful to all of your care givers and I pray that they will be richly blessed as I am sure giving you care has already been a rich blessing in itself. On the scrolling sign at Millican Pecan’s shop this morning it said, “Faith is knowing what you pray for will happen.” I have that faith. Love you, Holly. You are an inspiration. Mikie & Dwayne

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Gay says:

    Holly, I am so happy for you!

  5. Mindy Graham says:

    It sounds like they are getting you all lined out for your next stage. It reminds me of all the kiddos that are transitioning from grade levels at school. I know you have some of the same fears as these kids do. The uncertainty is always frightening. Just remember, find your peace in the Lord and hold strong. I know you have been very positive through it all, but keep the faith girl! I so wish I could be there with you this next week. My brother is in Houston about to undergo surgery for prostrate cancer. I so want to see both of you! Yet, I need to be dealing with the “new student” issues as usual this time of year. Tell Blaire she is a gorgeous as ever! I am so glad the two of you got to spend some time together! Love you sweet Holly!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sweet Holly and Wade,
    So happy to hear things are going good. I cried happy tears when you commented, “I’M A SURVIVOR”! Way to go Ms. Holly!!! Sounds like you’ll be home when we com to Houston for my appointment. So very happy you will not be there. The picture of you and Wade is really good. You look fantastic!! We are in Destin playing on the beach. Great quality and family time! Take care!
    GOD’s Blessings,

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