Sunday July 31, 2011 The Virginia Point Project

When Glo was here with me a few weeks ago, she caught the supershuttle back to the airport.  The van made 2 stops after she was picked up.  At one of the stops not very far from where we live the van picked up a guy that lived next door to a very unusual home.  He was kind enough to offer some information on the house, and Glo told us we should go check it out.  It is known as “the greenest house in America”.   Here are a few of the facts, and then some pictures we took.  This house is designed to give back more than it takes.  Go to and watch the Discovery Channel’s expose on the house.

The outside structure has no wood.  It is constructed of steel, aluminum, and glass.  Totally sustainable.  The inside is contemporary and has beautiful wood throughout.

The entire roof consists of 140 solar panels.  Their electric meter actually runs backwards!

This house is the only one in Houston that has been granted a permit to convert rainwater into drinking water.  It was difficult getting the permitting done for the cistern.  Very sophisticated system.

Geo-thermal wells placed under the house provide all of the heating and cooling, along with correct placement of windows.  There are 8 or 10 wells (can’t remember!)  strategically dug 300  feet into the ground that pump water into a closed loop.

This house is so cool!

On a different note, my pulmonary function test came out great!  I scored 100%.  The technician then entered my hemoglobin count of 9.1 (a little low due to the vidaza chemo week before last), and it raised it up to 120%  WooHoo!!! Aced it!


3 thoughts on “Sunday July 31, 2011 The Virginia Point Project

  1. Gay says:

    So glad your test came back good. You can do it! The website is vey interesting. I hope you have a good week.
    Love, Gay

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sweet Holly and Wade,
    Cool house!! So happy your reports are positive. Take care of yourself and each other. Lifting you up in Prayer!
    GOD’s Blessings,

  3. Mikie says:

    Holly, I enjoy your side trips to places like this one, the museum, and the restaurants. You are so talented with the descriptions and the photos. I have enjoyed visiting Houston through your eyes. Love you, Mikie PS Thanking God for your good report!

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