Tuesday 07-26-11 Day +63

Hi People!  Yesterday I went for my regular appointment and got my magnesium IV and then saw my team.  My skin biopsy came back as Graft VS Host Disease -(GVHD).  My team decided to go ahead and start me on steroid treatment for GVHD, and told me it was important to have my endoscopy with biopsy today.  The Doctors want transplant patients to experience a little bit of GVHD because it means my donor is fighting my remaining diseased cells.  But since I’ve had the rash over 6 weeks, and have lost so much weight due to nausea and loss of appetite I needed the endoscopy.  (GVHD also occurs in the stomach.)  So today we went to that floor at our appointment time and waited, and waited, and waited!  Over 5 hours we were there!  With nothing to eat or drink since midnight, I was about to die!  It didn’t help that a lady came in and sat down next to me with a bag of food and ate for a full 30 minutes!  Potato chips!  The Doctor was very nice as was his team, and the procedure went very well.  Everything in my stomach looked great.  I have pictures.  The biopsy will take 2 days to get results.   The great thing was that when we finally got out of there I wanted a steak.  Haven’t had one in months, in fact very little meat at all.  It went down good and actually tasted good for a well done steak!  (I can’t eat any meat that is not well done, another rule for transplant patients).  I am encouraged that my stomach and appetite are getting better.  The steroids should clear everything up.  Here was a huge surprise…my cholesterol was 297.  Given my starvation diet I’ve been on I couldn’t believe it!  But it turns out that the anti-rejection drug I am on, sirilimus, causes high cholesterol.  So now I’m on medicine for that!  Needless to say I keep a pill diary!

I think I’m getting over some of my issues and  getting  rid of last week’s chemo effects. Life is good!


7 thoughts on “Tuesday 07-26-11 Day +63

  1. Lynn Nelson says:

    So happy for you!

  2. Linda Block says:

    You are such a fighter and such an inspiration, sweet girl. Hang in there. It will be worth it. We all miss you and are so looking forward to when we see you in Hereford again. Love you, Holly!!

  3. Lue says:

    Miss you so much and so glad things are going well. Can’t imagine you losing weight when there was none to lose. You need to come home and we’ll get you “fattened up”. Can’t wait to get your postings and most of all to hear you are doing so good. Thnik of you daily
    Love you
    Harold and Lue

  4. Mel says:

    Yay Holly! Glad things are looking up. 🙂

  5. Gay says:

    A steak well done is better than none!

  6. Mama Glo says:

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better! Love, Jim & Glo

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Honey,
    I loved your message today! How tacky of the women to eat the chips in front of you. I have been there(fasting) and they would come in with coffee early in the morning and it smelled wonderful! Holly,you are such a precious lady and you are always upbeat. Things sound good, I will be so glad to see you. You just keep on keeping on!
    Prayers,hugs and kisses ,Joyce
    P.S. Hello to Wade.

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