Friday July 15 Day +52

Lots of news this week.  Everything is going very well!  MDA is weaning me from my visits, now I only go in two times a week!  They have discontinued the home IV magnesium treatments, I only get magnesium now during my twice weekly visits.  Progress!  My team, Dr. Hosing, and any other professional I asked suggested I enter a research study for stem cell transplant patients.  At first I was sceptical, but the more I learned about it, I knew I had to do it.  It is a study where I would receive the chemo drug, Vidaza, 5 days a week every 30 days for one year.  First of all, without Vidaza I have a 50% chance of relapse.  With the drug, it increases my chances of not relapsing to 70 – 80%.  That’s pretty substantial I think.  The chemo is mild, most people have very few side effects, and I can withdraw from the study anytime if I want.  The reason they are doing the study is because they are diligently working to make the Vidaza for transplant patients a “standard of care”.  Which means that in a year or so, every transplant patient will do this.  It’s difficult to get something new to become a standard of care, it must be proven first. This study is randomized by the computer, meaning that the computer only selects half of the patients that consent for the study.  Yay!  I was selected, and will start next Monday with the first 5 shots.  I also agreed to donate extra blood for the research of this study.  When I found out Dr. Garcia-Manero, my Doctor before my transplant, was doing the blood research, I knew it was all good!  He is at the top of his field, considered to be the number 1 authority in Myelodysplastic Syndromes.

When I was leaving R10 after my treatments yesterday I saw Dr. Jones.  I wanted to hug his neck but restrained myself!  I told him how good I was doing, and that I felt like he saved my life during those dark times in the hospital.  He said “no, you did all the work…I remember!”  Love that man!

Kelli came over yesterday afternoon and spent the night (Wade went home yesterday morning).  We had a great pizza at Dolce Vita, and just hung out at the apartment.  Really enjoyed it!  We had some catching up to do.   Hayes and Harley get here sometime today!  So excited!  I’ll post pictures on the next blog.  It’s going to be a great weekend…hope yours is too!


5 thoughts on “Friday July 15 Day +52

  1. Lue says:

    My sweet, sweet girl, you have been through so much already, but if this is going to help GO FOR IT. We are so glad you are doing so well and hope to see you soon. I miss those talks and girlfriend hugs. We are playing in a golf tournament in Vega this weekend. Course I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in my “home” town. You take care and have a great weekend.
    we love you dear
    Harold and Lue

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sweet Holly and Wade,
    Isn’t research amazing!! So glad you were selected and also know you will be helping future transplant patients. You are brave and positive about your whole ordeal. I greatly admire your courage and strength. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. You are in my prayers every day. Take care and stay strong.
    GOD’s Blessings,

  3. Gay says:

    I know you will have a great time with Hayes & Harley. I am proud of your progress.

    Love, Gay

  4. Anonymous says:

    Holly!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work and good spirits!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Gay says:

    Did you have the first treatment today? How are you?

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