Sunday July 10 Day +47

Wow!  I can’t believe I am 47 days out from my transplant!  Every day is another day closer to going home….in fact I may be halfway there!  Health wise I am doing good!  I still have small fires to put out every week, the rash being the hardest to get rid of.  The team thinks it is a touch of Graft Verses Host Disease (rejection).  They say that a little bit of this is a good thing because it means my donor is fighting my remaining diseased cells which we want to be rid of.  My counts have been hanging in there, still getting neupogen shots occasionally, but the last one was half a dose because I responded so much to the previous shot that my white count was phenomenally high.  This means my donor’s stem cells are coming along nicely.  It’s all good!!!!!  My appetite seems to be improving although I still have my moments!  I actually ate dinner 2 or 3 times this week instead of my usual bowl of oatmeal, which is a first!  My appetite is best in the morning and usually gets worse as the day goes on.

This week I had Glo, my mother-in-law with me as my caretaker.  We had a great week!  Did some shopping, ate out several times, and relaxed, read, played a lot of Yahtzee and had a wonderful time!  One evening we met her friends ,who have a summer home in Montana, for dinner.  Sandy was here for her annual appointment at MD Anderson and got a good report.  Yay!  Wade flies in tonight and will be here until Thursday.  I am ready to see that man!  Then my sister, Jan, will be here for a week.  I’m looking forward to spending time with her!  Things are going very well, and I am so grateful.

One different thing that happened last week is that I had to get on Home Health because my insurance has a contract with them and therefore they are cheaper on my home IV magnesium and supplies and they won’t cover it from MDA anymore.  Lots of paperwork, but it is going to be ok.  They deliver to my apartment once a week everything I will need for the week.  There is no pump involved, just a strange looking double walled bag with tubing attached, already primed.  Very easy.  Somehow there is pressure in the bag that makes it drip the appropriate amount per hour.  It’s only taking about an hour and a half instead of the usual two hours which is fine with me!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

  Mama Glo and me


9 thoughts on “Sunday July 10 Day +47

  1. Mary Gail Stinnett says:

    You look beautiful! So glad Glo was able to come be with you. You’re halfway home:). Sending prayers for continued good health.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Glo plays a mean yahtzee doesn’t she! She learned from her sister Kitty and she DOES NOT LOSE. Glad things are going so well. You are still on our prayers.

    Bill Bryant

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sweet Holly and Wade,
    Holly, you look and sound fabulous!!! GOD is good and HE has been faithful. I praise HIM for working through the medical teams and making you well. So glad you have excellent family caretakers, another blessing. Keep posting and know I’m still praying for you. When you come home we want to take you and Wade to dinner, each day you’re closer to coming home. Take care!
    GOD’s Blessings,

  4. Anonymous says:

    HEY, Holly you really look great, so good to hear you are improving so well. Looks like you have had some really good caretakers. Jan is so looking forward to coming to be with you for a week, she has really enjoyed her time off. You are so blessed to have her as a sister, she is a wonderful person and so is Bill, As a matter of fact, I look at all of your family and say when I come back to this earth with my new life I will have a family more like yours, THEY ARE SIMPLY AWESOME…although I feel like one of the kids already, your parents are wonderful also. Well anyway be so glad to see you and Wade when you can come, “check the calendar” I go home this Tues and come back on the next Tues. On one, off the next, so check it out and make sure I’m here when you come. Love ya’ll take care and the prayers are strong, oh by the way my son has to go to the Dr. every 6 mo.’s now. Thank you Jesus. Doing great……

  5. dina says:

    aw holly I love the picture, you look beautiful! Hope you’re enjoying mr chu chu woe! 🙂

  6. Louis says:

    You look beautiful Holly. We are so anxious to see you.
    We love you. Mother & Daddy

  7. Julie Schlabs Butler says:

    You look phenomenal, Holly! Thank you for your sweet card. I am so encouraged by your journey and Inspired by your story! Keep that smile ever bright!

  8. Anonymous says:

    You and Mama Glo look just beautiful! Holly, I love your hair, it is so gorgeous. You are and have always been one glamorous chick , from the time we first met working for Dr.Jon Roden. Honey, things are sounding so good for you and I can hardly wait until you get home and I can hug and kiss your sweet face. Love you, Joyce
    Thoughts and Prayers

  9. Becky Riethmayer says:

    Holly, you look so healthy and happy! What a blessing and an answer to so many prayers…It thrills me to know that things are going so very well for you. You lovely lady–what an inspiration you are to so many of us.

    Love you..Becky R.

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