Wednesday June 15 Day +22

Hi Everyone!  I kind of went on a blog strike the past couple of days, not much to report.  However I do have some terrific news…..I can eat fresh food!  It has to be washed, then peeled.  So it’s basically apples, avocados, peaches, nectarines, bananas, etc.  This really made me happy!  Dr. Hosing told me I still can’t have any lettuce, tomatoes, berries, yet. Salad has not passed my lips in almost 6 weeks!  I am going to love it when I get some!  This will help my appetite.  So far I think I have lost 20 pounds since May 17th.

Yesterday I started having some new issues.  Evidently the chemo burn from the busulphan (known as the most wicked chemo out there) I took, burns from the inside to the outside.  That is why my sore throat has been so persistent.  It just has to work its way out.  This happens all through your GI tract during day 21-28.  It causes your skin to turn brown.  Strange!  This hasn’t happened to me yet.  Eye troubles cropped up too with swelling, itching, and watery but they don’t think it is Graft vs Host (rejection) disease yet.  Evidently rejection shows up frequently in your eyes.  I go back tomorrow to get more magnesium and see my team.  My blood levels were still hanging in there except for my white count, so I got a neupogen shot today.

Our outing today was to the grocery store and the sweetest little girl about 6 or 7 came up to me and told me I was beautiful!  You should have seen me in my old jeans that are now way too big and sagging, a tee shirt, hoodie, (102 outside!) and a crazy hat, eyes all swelled up! I’m telling you, it made my day!  And yes It made me happy cry!  What a little sweetheart!


13 thoughts on “Wednesday June 15 Day +22

  1. monicadunlap says:

    Sweet Holly and Wade,
    Every time you say something made you cry, I tear up!! So glad you can eat some fresh foods. I bet they tasted good. Holly, you are beautiful inside and out!! I’m praying for you not to get Graft vs Host disease and your white count will go up. Stay strong because “you’ve come a long way babie”!!
    GOD’s Blessings,

  2. Bill Bryant says:


    Remember “Bald is Beautiful”. You still have a lot of Okies praying for you.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Well Holly, I have found your lost weight while cooking for the girls and visisting with all our old friends in Hereford!

    And that little girl was right…you will always ber beautiful no matter what you are wearing or wether you have hair or not!! Nothing can hamper those great dimples!

    Love you, Pappy and Mama Glo

  4. Anonymous says:

    Holly & Wade. We have checked on you every day and just
    amazed at your progress. You are one tough and beautiful lady.
    We already knew this though. Hang in there.. We love you both.
    Tom and Joyce

  5. Gay says:

    You are beautiful inside and out! I hope and pray that your new issues subside very soon. Hopefully, the GVHD will see your strength and leave!


  6. Becky Riethmayer says:

    See, Holly! God sent you a sweet little girl angel to tell you how lovely you are! You are beautiful…ilnside and out!!

    I’m thrilled that food—real food—is on the menu for you. It’s incredible to think of all the precautions you have to take as you choose your diet.

    Will send you a note in a few days. Love you! Becky

  7. dina says:

    Holly! I’m so glad you can have fruits now! We’re all so proud of both you and Chu Chu woe and ya’ll are both an inspiration 🙂 love ya’ll and can’t wait to hear of everything you’re going to accomplish!

  8. Kelli says:

    I’m so glad to hear you can eat some new foods! Me and Lynzi are thinking about you and praying everyday for a fast recovery! You are so beautiful and such an amazing woman!!! Your my hero!!! I love you Holly!!

  9. Lue says:

    Well looks like the little girl knew what she was talking about…. You are beautiful, doesn’t matter to us how bad you think you look you will always be a cutie to us. Keep up the good progress and take care of yourself. Give Wade a hug for us.
    Love you dear,
    Harold and Lue

  10. Jeff Williams says:

    Still thinking about you guys!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wade & Holly, Just found your blog by looking at Jacklyn’s !
    Glad things are looking up for yall, and an is always better than the hospital… you all are in our thoughts and prayers.. blessing Kristi

  12. Mindy Graham says:

    Oh Holly! I have been unable to send you a note lately. It is so good to catch up on your posts and here you are doing so well! Praise God for such wonderful news:-) Love you!!!

  13. holly says:

    HEY Holly remember me, well i’ve been home this week and left my cousin in charge, hope she did a good job to impress your Dad. I just love him and your mom they are so sweet. but I can’t wait to see you, I may have to get my friend to come with me to see you, when you say it’s ok to have company. That was so sweet of that little girl. Kids can really make you feel good. One time my cousin said to me, would you make me look as pretty as you. We were on vacation at relatives house and serveral had told me how pretty my makeup was and my hair look so good, and that’s when she said that. I fixed her make up and hair and my little granddaughter at that time was about 7-8 and when Brenda walked into the room she said to her: WOW YOU LOOK CUTE TODAY. She had no clue that I did that. But yeah you can always trust their comments. Hey girl take care and i hope to see you soon. Tell Wade hello, we miss yall

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