Sunday June 12 Day +19

I can’t believe I am almost 3 weeks out from my transplant!  When I think about how homesick I am I actually CAN believe it!  Wade and I have been in Houston for 36 days!  We’ve had a very nice weekend with no hospital trips, and had no problems working the IV pump at home.  Sore throat is much better…things are looking up!  My main symptoms are coldness, loss of appetite, tiredness, little bit of nausea, some headaches.  I tried to drink a Dr. Pepper today for the first time and it tasted terrible!  I couldn’t believe it because I have always been a huge DP fan – it was my soft drink!  Sense of taste is just a little messed up by chemo.  Tomorrow I will go to the hospital bright and early at 7:00 and have blood work and see my team for evaluation and get magnesium (unless they decide to send more home with me).  I am ready to see what they are thinking.  It’s a beautiful hot summer day here, lots of people at the pool.  Our outing will be a trip to the grocery store later this evening.  Here is a picture of that marvelous pump that has allowed me some freedom!


13 thoughts on “Sunday June 12 Day +19

  1. dina says:

    What did your dr pepper taste like? I bet that was a shocker lol glad to hear ya’ll are having a wonderfullll weekend. Love ya’ll

  2. Anonymous says:

    You are beautiful and an amazing woman. So glad you are having a wonderful weekend. I spent the day yesterday with Patricia, Sarah, and Barbara. They all said to tell you they are pulling for you. They came to celebrate with me. I am getting married next weekend. We had a girls day at a friend of mine at Shallowater. Fun times. Can’t wait till we can celebrate with you. Love you friend!!!! “Friends are Forever”

  3. holly says:

    LOOKIN GOOD GIRL, keep up the good work. Do I have one of those pretty quilt squares to the left of your blog. I never see my name over there. That maybe for something else. Just Kidding. You take care, Your mom and dad are doing great, he is broke out with something that make’s him itch. Went to the Dr. he gave a cream and it helps some, not much. Ms. Mom is doing great, she love’s her new lift. I have to pry her fingures off to get her off of it when its time to sit down. She is a mess. She and I made this little neckless out of form rubber beads that Jan bought. Well she wears it as a head band and loves it. She is so cute with it on her head. We tried to send you a picture of her, but your dad’s computer would not send, Lynn is going to work on it when he get s here. Girl have a great evening, you and Wade and we look so foward to seeing ya’ll.


  4. Sheila Green says:

    My hubby says you look a lot like Louis and all I can see is beautiful Mamie Lou….either way, you are through and through a Wilson/Welch girl. Proud of you. Love ya, Sheila

  5. monicadunlap says:

    Sweet Holly and Wade,
    So glad and thankful you had a hospital free weekend! I was surprised
    you were going to the grocery store. I’m glad you have the energy because I think outings show you are getting stronger. I’m so thankful
    there are people who are talented to invent pumps, etc… GOD really works through the Doctors, nurses and staff at MDAnderson. We are so blessed to have the #1 hospital in th world for treating cancer right here in Texas. 36 days, maybe time will move along and you’ll be home before you know it. I know your family and friends miss you tremendously! Stay strong and keep improving. Holly, you’ll never know what an encouragement you are to me. Hope I can be like you when I grow up, seriously!! Keeping you close to my heart and always in my prayers!
    GOD’s Blessings,

  6. Kim says:

    Your kicking this thing right in the A$$! Knew you would,
    As we have said many times before WT (which stands for West Texas ) girls are tough!!! Lol!!!!!!
    Those symptoms your describing also remind me of a trip we took to Dallas…. I believe we had all of those and tried to get breakfast down before heading to a football game, so I know you can get through them with flying colors!!
    Looking forward to more of the good times!!

    Love to you and Nurse Wado

  7. Blaire says:

    Mom, you are beautiful, just absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to be down there with you!!!!!

  8. So happy you are be back at the appartment! You look beautiful, love hearing better and better news each post!! Love you Lots!! XOXO Coming to Texas late next month… HOPE I get to see you!! Jacklyn

  9. Lue says:

    YEAH so glad you are feeling better. Keep up the good work girl. Thank you so much for your card. You know you didn’t have to do that, but we just loved it so much. I know things will get better from now on, maybe you are over the HUMP.
    Love you so much,
    Harold and Lue

  10. Joyce Wells says:

    God’s blessing just keep on coming, so happy you all were at home this weekend. HOLLY, I love your pic you look just beautiful. With your lovely dress and necklace you look like you are ready to go on a night out with your sweet Wade! So thankful for the blood doing good. Thank you for your note, I had read and reread it. Keeping the two of you in my prayers.
    Love you, Joyce

  11. Monte says:

    So good to see pictures of you!! you look so good and Healthy!! Hang in there and you’ll be home soon!!
    love you,

  12. Gay says:

    Holly you look great with no hair and so healthy! I showed your picture to my friends at work and they commented on how wonderful you look. I am bragging on you. I hope you went to Central Market to buy groceries. That was my favorite grocery in Ft. Worth. Smoke is still a big problem here. I feel like we have an indoor campfire. My principal parked her car at the airport and she had to wash it to get the soot off. Hope you got a good report today!


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