Monday 06-06-11

I’m being dismissed tomorrow!!!!!!!  unless something goes wrong during the night I will get to go to my home sweet home apartment sometime tomorrow!  OH HAPPY DAY!!

01 Oh Happy Day  Click here!
This afternoon I re-read all of the comments you wrote for me and I was overwhelmed with all of your love, concern, support, encouragement, prayers, and humor!  WOW, yall are totally helping me to get through this!  and I appreciate it more than you will ever know!  BIG LOVE TO YOU ALL!   Oh Happy Day


14 thoughts on “Monday 06-06-11

  1. Gay says:

    Good luck thru the night. Home sweet home away from home tomorrow. You have been great and so strong!

  2. Becca Moss says:

    Hi Holly,

    I am one of Monica Dunlap’s daughters. I have been following your blog and praying for you guys. Just wanted to let you know I am thrilled that things are going well so far and you are getting to get out of the hospital! You have been an encouragement to me and, more importantly, my mom, and for that I am so thankful! God bless you! Becca Moss

  3. Leslie A Brown says:

    Holly – Oh Happy Day, indeed! We are all just as thrilled for you as you are to go home! Relax and thank God for your healing (I know you already do). Love, Leslie

  4. Sweet Holly and Wade,
    Your reports just keep getting better and better!! I bet an apartment never looked or sounded so good! GOD is definately answering prayers as HE has watched over HIS precious child Holly and will continue to do so. Have a great day tomorrow and I celebrate with you and Wade!
    GOD’s Blessings,

  5. holly says:

    That is so exciting, you can get more rest at your make believe home, but
    really the most comfort is when you go to your Friona bed, right. So glad to hear that you must really be doing great. So now its the 100 day event right. you have to stay close by, just incase something happens, which we know its not going to, We have the maker of the universe on our side and we are believers of his creations, So good to hear from you Holly. Wade has been doing a great job as you editor, out of all his writing in think i found 1 typo.
    HAHAHA Wade, just picking on you, you are a wonderful person. See ya’ll
    soon. love pat

  6. Lue Griffith says:

    When you decide to get better, you don’t waste any time. HUH?? WOW what a great turn around, and I know your little body is so ready to feel better. Take care sweetheart, and don’t “overdo” (ya think I might be a Mother???) just so worried about you and want you to be HEREFORD HOME. Can’t wait to see you two. We’ll keep the prayers and good thoughts headed your way.
    We love you
    Harold and Lue

  7. Becky Riethmayer says:

    Hey Holly! What wonderful news about going to the apartment! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! I didn’t get your news until just a few minutes ago. Robbie Boggess came for a visit, so I didn’t check email yesterday. She sends regards to you and your mom and dad. I am so proud of you for your courage, and your sheer determination to do everything to get well. How great for you and Wade to be in the apartment and not in a hospital room. I love you and will say a prayer of thanks for you. BeckyR.


    Dear Holly,
    I am so thankful you are doing so well. You have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly. When you posted your bald picture, I just wanted to tell you that if anyone could still look beautiful with no hair , it would be you. I am reminded of your very short hairdo you wore in high school and how great you looked! Just reading your blogs lets me know you are just as beautiful on the inside. Thanks for all your upbeat posts as they are an inspiration to all who read them, and God is using you in this circumstance. GOD BLESS!
    Cindy Weatherly

  9. Monte says:

    God is SOOOO Good!!!!! So thankful to hear your good news!!
    Love to you both, Monte

  10. Kim says:

    Can i get a WHOOP WHOOP???
    Love ya WT SISTA

  11. Anonymous says:

    Holly & Wade,
    This is such great news!! I have been keeping up with your progress, but have not been good to reply. I loved the picture. You may have lost the hair, but the great smile is still there. I can not imagine the pain and struggle you have gone through, but your strength and positive attitude have been a blessing.
    Love ya,

  12. Mindy Graham says:

    I have been out of pocket for a few short days and and blessed to know you have gotten off the roller coaster ride with the headaches! You are lookin’ good girl friend!! You sound good in writing too. I know Wade is absolutely thrilled to see you up and about and goin’ home! Enjoy your temporary HOME SWEET HOME.

    God bless you both!

  13. Joyce Wells says:

    Oh Happy Day! Praise the Lord. I know you will be so happy to be back in your appt. Hugs and Kisses,

  14. Mikie says:

    Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are enjoying being “home”. I will keep praying that all goes well. Check out Michael’s facebook page and ask him about the baldness issue. He has been bald for quite a while now. His email is . Hugs, Mikie & Dwayne

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