Day +10

Wade here.  Had a pretty uneventful day.   Holly’s friend, Patti, the nurse that gave her the stained glass “Pot of Pansies” came by for a visit this afternoon.  We found out that she and her husband have the same wedding anniversary date as Holly and I.   Had a really nice visit with her.

I will say that the staff here at MD has been awesome.  We have made some good friends and met a lot of really nice people.  I am glad that people feel the calling to be health care professionals.  I know that dealing with people that are so sick and not feeling well has to be challenging, but most people here do it with a smile and are eager to help.  I thank God that these people are here to help my Holly get better everyday!

Holly cannot blog yet because of here vision problems.  She can see, but her vision is blurry and it takes her forever to type.  It takes me forever to type too, but I don’t have any good excuses.  🙂 So, I will do my best to keep you updated.


8 thoughts on “Day +10

  1. Sweet Holly and Wade,
    Sounds like an uneventful day is a good thing. So, I hope, if this is the case, you have many more. Praise GOD for MDAnderson and all the health care professionals that are a part of the transplant team.
    What amazing and caring individuals they are. Holly, I’m praying specifically for your vision to clear up. As always, I lift you up many, many times each and everyday. Wade, I always include you in my prayers too. You are doing an awsome job taking care of your Holly and I really appreciate you blogging until Holly gets better.
    GOD’s Blessings,

  2. Steve Easley says:

    Finally you guys can appreciate that bald is beautifull. I have beensaying that for years. It sounds like everything is improving everyday. Keep pushing, it will get better. We are all praying for you. Love you guys!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hope your vision gets better as you progress in getting well.
    Wade, I am so like you and have no excuse for my typing,
    Love you
    Harold and Lue

  4. Becky Riethmayer says:

    Wade, you type well. You even spell and punctuate well. As an English teacher, I notice that! :)) Glad that ya’ll had an uneventful day. We take those days for granted until we realize how very nice routine can be! Give Holly a hug. God bless you both.

    Becky R.

  5. Mikie Bishop says:

    Great to hear that your sense of humor is still in tact! Praying for you constantly. By the way, Buddy’s first wedding anniversary is tomorrow. Hard to believe. Well, he is 35. Jessica well be 35, too, on June 28. Don’t they know I NEED a granddaughter? God’s care, comfort, and healing be with you, Mikie

  6. Joyce Wells says:

    Wade, I know what you are talking about the people at M.D. Anderson, we were there so many times when Harold was fighting cancer. Some of the times we were there he was feeling well, other times he was very sick. The compassion and love you receive there is like no other I have seen from a health care faculty. When we would enter the hospital nearly every one we met working there would address our ” How are you?” with “Very Blessed.” It seemed they were so happy to be of good health to take all who came there. I think of the two of so much each day and pray for you both.
    Give my gorgeous lady with the pretty caps a hug and kiss for me.
    Love to you both, Joyce

  7. Gay says:

    Thank you both for keeping us all up to date. I anxiously await the daily updates! I hope today has been a good one.



  8. Louis says:

    Thanks Wade………..WE Love You. Mame & Louis

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