Day +9

Wade reporting.  Today was pretty uneventful, which is a good thing.  Holly did not feel to good this morning with nausea, but NOT a bad headache.  We spent the afternoon at the ophthamologist trying to see why Holly’s vision has changed recently.  They gave her a very thorough eye exam and decided she had no physical damage to her eyes.  They want to wait and see if all these issues are related to the headaches and Holly’s problem with the anti-rejection drugs.

Some of the days highlights…. Patti, a nurse in the bone morrow biopsy department that Holly has become friends with, brought Holly a beautiful stained glass ” Pot of Pansies”.    Holly got lots of compliments on her cap she wore today while we were out to the eye doctor.  She was “stylin'”.    She is promising a “bald” picture soon for the blog.  She is not up to a photo session yet!  Another highlight of Holly’s day is when I read all of your comments out loud.  Thank You!! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Day +9

  1. Lynn Nelson says:

    Hang in there Holly. Things will get better. I was especially glad to hear “not a bad headache” this morning. I hate to have a headache anyway. Here’s hoping you sleep good and have a good day tomorrow.
    Love, Lynn

  2. Sweet Holly and Wade,
    I bet you are absolutely gorgeous in your hat and beautiful smile! I’m so thankful your headaches have calmed down and your nausea has lightened. Holly, I think of you so many, many times each day and continually lift you up. Hoping each day is better and better! Went to my Lubbock Dr. yesterday and my blood counts are good, Praise GOD!!
    GOD’s Blessings,

  3. Gay says:

    Glad there was not a BAD headache and no eye damage. Looking forward to seeing the picture because I would like to see her eyes and smile. Her strength is an inspiration to all of us.

  4. Jeff Williams says:

    Thank God the headache was better today. You know Holly, I’m thinking I might shave my noggin if I lose any more hair. I have a feeling that you look much better bald than I would!

  5. LUE GRIFFITH says:

    Here’s praying that this is the first signs of recovery and each day will be better as you go forward. So ready for a picture, can’t wait to see those twinkling eyes….. We love you both and pray for you daily.
    Harold and Lue

  6. Becky Riethmayer says:

    Soooo glad the headache eased off and left you alone, Holly. Glad that you have a cute hat to wear. You always have the most stylish things in your closets! I knew you would be a fashion statement with or without hair. :))) I’m grateful that you had a better day and will continue to pray for your strength and health. I’m so glad that you have your Prince Wade with you!! Love, BeckyR.

  7. Ginny Stringfellow says:

    Holly, Oh, how I have been praying for you! You are so courageous and brave to go through this procedure! That is one thing I have been praying for you, strength and to know this will pass…there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You have been through the worst, but , oh, how you will come out whole and well!
    Sometimes when I would walk into MD Anderson, I would be overwhelmed that Dick and I were only one compared to thousands, and felt so insignificant, but that is when the Lord would step in and say, “Yes, you may be one in a thousand , but do you know how many thousands are praying for this one?” That alway gave to us the encouragement we needed. That story to tell you… there are thousands praying for you!!! God is faithful and will continue to bring your body back to health.
    I am standing in the gap for you praying and holding up your arms and even offering praise for what He is going to do for you. He will teach you wonderful things through all this. So thankful Wade is at your side… know he is such an encourager, support, and love of your life that sustains you! Way to go Wade! Sending my love, a friend, Ginny Stringfellow

  8. Joyce Wells says:

    Thank the Lord for better days. I can see our girl looking beautiful in her pretty cap,she would be a knock-out with a potato sack on her head ( or Beautiful Bald ) So glad the eye appt. went well.
    Take care, prayers daily. Hugs and Kisses , Joyce

  9. Mandy Easley says:

    Just wanted you guys to know that I am thinking about you both and praying for y’all every day. We love you guys!!

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