Day +8 – Bald is Beautiful!!

Wade here.  Here is Holly’s list for today.

  1. Doctor showed up early, changed anti-rejection drug again in an attempt to help headaches and added morphine for pain medicine.
  2. Received a bag of platelets.
  3. Hair fell out, Wade said it reminded him of brushing a shedding horse.  This was not the only comment we laughed about.
  4. Jello, Popsicle, and chicken noodle soup
  5. Daddy, my head is shaped remarkably like yours. 😉
  6. Holly has a poodle knot just like David Letterman 🙂

13 thoughts on “Day +8 – Bald is Beautiful!!

  1. Becky Riethmayer says:

    Dear Holly: Just wanted you to know that you are one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, and you will remain so, with or without hair!!! Maybe it will come in blond or purple or some other exotic color :)))) I love you and am glad that you have had a bit of a better day. I’m just so sorry about the awful headaches. Take care and give Wade a hug…He’s been a great soldier! Becky R.

  2. Sweet Holly and Wade,
    Praying new anti – rejection drug will work and your headaches will stop!! Your hair will grow back and I wonder what color and texture it will be? Curly or straight? So, glad you are able to eat. Yours and Wade’s postive attitudes are so admirable and will help your recovery and healing process, keep up the good work! I’ll continue to pray for you many times each day.
    GOD’s Blessings,

  3. Monte says:

    You two sound better today and that’s good to hear! God Bless1 Prayers and positive thoughts going your way.

  4. Gay says:

    Holly is Holly with or without hair. You’ll probably have curly next time. Glad you had a better day.

    Love you…..

  5. trewluv says:

    I’m sure you are as beautiful as ever without hair Holly! Like everyone else, I’m anxious to see how it comes back! I am about to google what on earth a poodle knot is! Can’t wait for those headaches to go away!! XOXO BIG BIG Hugs and LOTS OF LOVE!! Jacklyn

  6. Cindy says:

    Think about you both everyday. Praying each day gets better and better.
    You both are amazing. So glad you have each other.
    Love Cindy

  7. LUE GRIFFITH says:

    Bald is BEAUTIFUL BABY… Hope the headaches cease. Got all those prayers coming your way.

    Love you both
    Harold and Lue

  8. Kelli says:

    I love you Holly! Praying for your headache to disappear! Me and Lynzi are thinking about you! Hope today is going to be one of the better days for you.

  9. Pat says:

    Holly it could be nothing but beautiful on you. You are so pretty anyway, and as far as your Dad’s head he has a beautifull head, I know because me and Jan has been putting cream’s on his head lately for itching. I tease him about it. Still praying for your headaches and nausea, but sounds like you are getting better day for day. Wade , how are you doing, take care of yourself as well. love ya

  10. Louis says:

    Holly, you are right !!! Bald is beautiful on some people, NamelyYOU.
    Now I can look in the mirror and will be able to reconize you.
    I Love You. Daddy

  11. Anonymous says:

    Girl, nothing prettier than a perfectly shaped head!!! You will ROCK that look like a CHAMP!!
    What I think is beautiful about you is your fighting spirit!! No one will ever be able to match that!!
    Miss and Love you!!
    PS WADE…….I think you should shave yours in support!! I love BALD BANKERS!!!!
    Love to you Both,

  12. Patsy H says:

    Hey girl, hope things are getting better. Glo and Jim came out the other night and we sure had a great visit. Wish you and Wade could have been with us. They NEVER age, I don’t know how they do it. You mind those Dr’s now and hang in there. Prayers are always coming your way. When I get to Houston, not sure what day, I’ll stop by. love ya

  13. Mindy Graham says:

    Bald head….. who cares if you have a bald head if you still have your beautiful smile. I know those headaches can wear away a smile, but hang tight to your faith Holly.

    Love you dear!

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