Day +6

Wade here.  Holly had a little better day today.  She got platelets this morning and she is getting more right now.  Her blood counts are at the bottom and will remain there for several more days according to the doctors.  This causes extreme tiredness and fatigue. Her headaches were some better during the day, but have come on this evening.  She will medicate tonight at bedtime and hopefully have a good nights sleep again.  She has eaten breakfast and lunch today which are really the first meals she has had in several days.  Her attitude is still great and she has not run me off yet 😉 So everything is going good .  Thanks for your comments and prayers!


9 thoughts on “Day +6

  1. Monte says:

    Things sound a little better…..eating is good 🙂 Wade many of us know what you mean about feeling so helpless (or however you put it) but those of us who have been in the “bed” know exactly how much it means to Holly to have you right there. You are her lifeline and she needs you there so much so don’t ever feel you are doing “nothing” because, in truth, you are doing more than anyone else…..and that includes her doctors. You are helping her keep her positive attitude! You are helping her believe she can make it through all this! You are the most important person in her life so you are doing everything important. Keep up the good work and my prayers remain with ya’ll day and night. Love ya’ll, Monte

  2. Sweet Holly and Wade,
    YEAH!! A better day is great news. Glad to hear you ate, maybe this will give you some strenghth. Holly, you are amazing to maintain a positive attitude. I want to be like you when I grow up! Continuing to lift you both up in prayer. Your heavenly FATHER will never leave you or forsake you.
    GOD’s Blessings,

  3. Memaw and Pops says:

    Pop’s and I are praying you will stop being so sick soon. I ask God to put a little angel on your shoulder and help you get thru this. We love you and Wade and if I need to come down and stay a week or so just let me know. Maybe every day will get a little better. God’s blessings,love you both. Pop’s and Memaw

  4. Gay says:

    I hope today will be even better. Hopefully, you got a better night’s rest and you’ll feel like eating again today. Sending prayers and thoughts your way!


  5. LUE GRIFFITH says:

    So glad you are eating. We had a friend that had the transplant and his “staple” was popsicles and burritos. Wild huh? Praying for you and so glad things are better. Wade, bet if you tried to leave Holly would get out of that bed and chase you down. LOL
    Love you two,
    Harold and Lue

  6. Becky Scurlock says:

    Wade and Holly,

    Just read your posts for the last few days (been away from the computer) The two of you always amaze me. Holly for your unwavering courage and positive attitude and Wade for your selfless love and devotion to your wife. What a wonderful thing that God gave each of you to the other! Praying right now that God will continue to bless you both with all the faith, strength, and encouragement that you need. Asking that each day for Holly would be a better day, another step to wellness and her new life. So, a big boo and hiss to headaches and feeling yucky, but a big yay to eating again and to the two of you and the inspiration you give!

    Love ya,

  7. Joyce Wells says:

    Thanks for day 6. Sounds like our girl is hanging in there.Give her my love and a hug for me. You take good care of yourself.
    Love, Joyce

  8. Becky Riethmayer says:

    So glad things are a bit better and that Holly could eat some food. Thanks for the update. Love, Becky

  9. Mindy Graham says:

    Holly and Wade,

    Prayers continue to go out to you both. What a tough ride! This is like a roller coaster ride with the attendant taking an extended break and forgetting to let the passengers off!!! Yall just keep riding down the track with no way off at this point. I’ll pray the ride is about slow down a notch:-) As we have all heard……… hang on tight for the ride. Yall can scream all you want but can’t get off until her body has accepted the transplant. The book I told you about came in today. I’ll try to send it your way tomorrow.

    Much love,

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