Day -5

I’M ON YELLOW!  No, I’m not in kindergarten!  Here’s how it started.  At 4:00 am I wake up to start the chemo process, and then fall asleep.  At 7:00 am I wake back up and realize that I am extremely short of breath.  I can’t even finish a sentence!  The nurse puts the oxygen thing on my finger and discovers I flunk my oxygenation score!  This starts a whole day long series of events.  I had numerous blood tests including one from an artery that was scary!  I had 2 blood cultures, I was seen by my Bone Marrow Transplant Team of six Doctors (two of them twice),  three cardiologists, and one pulmonary Doctor.  I had chest x-rays this morning in my bed and one this afternoon in the lab, a CT scan of my chest, a sputum test, nasal wash culture, and have been on lasixs all day!  The bottom line came from the pulmonary doctor.  He said I definitely had (and still have a little bit) fluid on my lungs, probably not from my chemo, definitely not from my heart.  So it’s either fluid from my IVs keeping my kidneys flushed for chemo, or the beginning of pneumonia.  In the meanwhile I am on yellow until all the cultures come back which is usually 2 or 3 days.  Yellow means every time I leave my room, besides the normal gloves and mask I put on, I also have to wear a yellow gown.  And any person including doctors and nurses have to do the same when they enter my room.  Plus I have a big yellow ball on my door!  BOO!

No matter what they do to you here at MDA, there is always someone being wheeled by in much worse shape and it really puts things into perspective for me.  Gratefulness…my goal is to get well and never lose sight of thankfulness and gratefulness.  Here is one thing I am grateful for:  that they make these IV poles big enough!  Seven bags were hanging on my pole at 4:30 am and Joaquin just added 2 new ones to the pole, vancomycin and cefepime, just in case!

Bag Lady and Pole Dancer


14 thoughts on “Day -5

  1. Haley says:

    Love you Holly!! Just stay strong and come home because we all miss you!! Harley came over to the house last weekend and the first thing she asked was “Where’s mimi?” 🙂

  2. Jeff Williams says:

    You know, you’re going to be tougher than a boot when you get outta there! You’re already able to handle anything they throw at you.

  3. Sweet Holly and Wade,
    Wow! What an eventful day you’ve had!! Praying for all fluid to go away and treatment to go as scheduled. You are an inspiration to me and I’m so thankful you are so positive and facing your daily challenges with strenghth and courage. Praying for no pain, no fear and complete healing.
    Love you and GOD’s Blessings,

  4. pat says:

    Ok, lady we’ve prayed for a healing to be done in you, we ask nothing about teaching you pole dancing or being a bag lady. Now you are pulling colors, such as yellow. Now i have forgotten what the colors meant. You behave and quit doing all this extra activites. I saw Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters, Sherry trying to pole dance. that was a site. But anyway sounds like you are doing pretty good, take care, is Wade in there with you. lv ya and will be talking to you.

  5. Boo!! I pray that that fluid goes away quick! What a hoot you are… Love the title of your photo! You Pole Dancer/Bag Woman you! I’m sure that everyone is quickly falling in love with you there! Making funnies even on pooy days! Love you, and I sure enjoyed our talk yesterday!

  6. Sheila Green says:

    🙂 So glad you still have your sense of humor and God’s grace with you. I’m keeping you in my prayers. I hope you get off Yellow soon and back on track. Love ya!

  7. Sue Smith says:

    Aloha—been thinking about your two; things are pretty normal here, enduring the wind and heat—miss you!!!

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