Day -6

Well, I’m all checked in, one chemo treatment down, computer hooked up, and my biggest problem is that it’s hard to hold my head right for my bifocals and my computer monitor!  Here is the low down.  My chemo started at 4:30 this morning.  The reason why they start it at that time has to do with your body’s metabolism…that is usually the time when cells are dividing and therefore the chemo is most effective.  The infusion lasted several hours.  I am on heavy doses of dilantin, which is a drug used to prevent seizures.  The reason for the dilantin is that busulphan, (one of my chemo drugs) is a drug that will cross a boundary in your brain that most drugs don’t cross resulting in seizures.  This is the exact same reason why I woke up toe-down-from-the-flow-down this morning!  Totally inebriated, high, whatever!  Then I had the headache, then hydrocodone…..!  It has been very busy since I got here.  I got to sleep at 1:00 am, after all the blood work, etc, and woke up at 4:00 to start anti-nausea medicine before the chemo.  I’ve had the respiratory therapist in to train me on my 2 different lung exercises that have to be done every 2 waking hours, the chaplain came by for a visit, and the exercise therapist stopped in to enroll me in a study about the effects of exercise on BMT patients.  Then lunch, a short nap, and 4 timed laps around the floor with the exercise therapist to see how far I could go in 6 minutes.  I aced it!  Wade has left for awhile to sit in his board meeting via phone this afternoon.  I’m about to get a quick shower just in time to receive 2 units of red blood this afternnon.  My hemoglobin is the lowest it’s ever been (due to my disease, not chemo – too soon for the chemo to drop my levels.)  I need to keep in mind that is the reason I am here!  I don’t want to live my life from one transfusion to the next!

My room is small, but all the things I brought with me fit fine.  Kelli and Lynzi took me to eat an early dinner last night and helped me get admitted, then hung out with me until about 10:00. Lynzi did not like seeing the guy try to start an IV on me! It was not pretty and ended up having to be re-done at 5:00 this morning.  (I had to have an IV for 9 blood test throughout today to check the pharmokinetics of my 2 chemo drugs).  This morning Wade brought the computer, pictures, etc. so it looks so much better now.  I am extremely happy he is here, I missed him so!  It was a very long, difficult day for him.  He made the trip from Ozona to Houston in about 6 hours!


7 thoughts on “Day -6

  1. Sweet Holly and Wade,
    I was glad to hear from you. Sounds like you’ve started the BiG part of your treatment. I’m am specifically praying for no pain, no fear and total healing. GOD is a good GOD and I know HE’ll be with you every step of this journey. My Sunday School Class and my covenant group are praying for you too. I’m so glad you have Wade to help care of you!
    GOD’s Blessings,

  2. Pat says:

    Holly sounds like you got it going. Have lots of good support with you. We are praying for you guys and hope to hear all good news when you blog each time. love ya

  3. Shelley Brown Ford says:

    You’re doing great, Holly! Was Wade’s mom from Ozona? If so, what was her name? We have relatives in that town. What a whirlwind week you’ve had!

  4. Jeff Williams says:

    You are a solid staple in my thoughts and prayers, Holly! I can’t possibly send any more positive vibes than I am right NOW!!!

  5. Becky Riethmayer says:

    You are a miracle woman to type, fight the bifocals and take chemo at the same time! I pray your day will be a good one and the nasty effects of the chemo will be lessened.

    Love you!

  6. hollyeasley says:

    Thanks to all of you! I appreciate you so very much!
    Shelley, Wade’s mom’s name was Jean Odom Easley, and her relatives in Ozona were the Baileys, Cox, and Jones.
    Jeff, you are my sweetheart!
    Becky, it takes a lot of talent to be in here!

  7. Vandra Ellis says:

    You are a tough lady. Really wish I could be there. Will get down to Houston this summer and visit. Busy last weeks of school. Keep your head up and know you are soooo loved and God’s precious hands are in your healing process. Love you FRIEND!!!!! Vandra

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