Sunday 05-15-11

We started off today with breakfast at our favorite Mexican restaurant with my favorite nurse, Patti, and her husband Richard.  Patti is the nurse that has taken care of me through all of my bone marrow biopsies at MD Anderson.  And I love her.  She is a real person and my favorite.   She originally told us about Teotihuacan Mexican Cafe, so we thought it would be great to meet them there for breakfast.  I ordered chilaquiles, which came with beans, fried potatoes, a homemade tamale filled with mexican cheese and poblano pepper, and delicious scrambled eggs with tortillas mixed in, cheese, and ranchero sauce.  Delicious!  Wade had a plate that had the same items as mine, but he had manchacado eggs (scrambled eggs with shredded beef).  It was yummy, and most of all it was great to share it with Patti and meet her husband Richard.  He works for the Houston Museum of Fine Art.  Very cool people. Very enjoyable breakfast.  After breakfast, I took Wade to get a rental car and he left for San Angelo.  Very sad for him to go.  I had great phone visits with Daddy, Lynn, and Jan.  Here are some pics:


3 thoughts on “Sunday 05-15-11

  1. PAT DAWSON says:

    Well after seeing the pix’s you coulld have ate that, it was’nt that much. YUIMMY, Holly you hair is adorable short, the other pix where I guess you had just cut it, where it was kinda punk on top, I love it. I tell my daughter all the time when i come back in my next life, I will be small and i will wear all the punky funky clothes and for sure punky funky hair. She said Mom, I don’t dought it. But really you got the little face and those cute cute dimples, you got it girl. Lv ya

  2. Becky Scurlock says:


    1. LoVe your hair cut! I think you would look pretty with any style–even wearing a rainbow afro wig on you head like the crazy fans on TV.
    2. The Mexican food looked tempting, but my tongue is still tied from trying to pronounce all the unfamiliar words in that post!


  3. hollyeasley says:

    Thanks Girls!

    I may just have to get a rainbow afro wig! Since I didn’t get my blue highlights! I still don’t know how to pronounce the name correctly!

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