Saturday 05-14-11 Transitioning to Baldness


7 thoughts on “Saturday 05-14-11 Transitioning to Baldness

  1. Pat Dawson says:

    OMG, Holly is that you, Girl that looks adorable on you, the short hair makes you look way young, not that your old by any means, but there you look about 20, So you are going to be a cutie bald. My cousin was the same way she really dreaded that part, but once she seen herself she was totally ok with it, she had some of the cutest hat’s, Your going to be beautifuler. AHAHAHA thats not a word. BEAUTIFUL-ER.(LOL) Your eyes are hugh….

  2. Gay says:

    It looks great! Remember when you wore it that short in high school?

  3. orangelynn says:

    I have a few years’ experience with baldness—it’s very easy to take care of. I like your new do!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Okay, Itake it you are going to loose your hair next week? Well, you won’t have to waste any time messing with your hair. And remember, BALD IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Especially on you! Love You, Mama Glo

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mom – you are BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Lynn Nelson says:

    It is not quite as short as mine yet!

  7. hollyeasley says:

    Thanks everybody! I’m actually loving it….it is so easy….and fun! I’m actually thinking about getting blue highlights! Lol!

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