Friday the Thirteenth

Yesterday I had my subclavian catheter put in my chest and since it was a surgical procedure, it took all morning long.  After it was put in they sent me to xray to make sure it was properly placed, with no punctured lung.  It looked good.  Very sore, in fact it felt like I had been in a knife fight!  I was relieved it was over and happy that my arms will not be getting alot of sticks now.  Nine sticks this week.  There will still be some arm sticks during my hospital stay, just a few every week that need to be very accurate and so they can’t come out of my line.  The other test was a complete pulmonary function test which just cracks me up.  The technician was funny, and it’s just the manner in which it is done.  Yolanda and I were friends by the time it was over, and she made me promise to look her up when I got out.  She asked me if I was Catholic and when I said no, she said “That’s ok, God loves everybody!”  She held my hands and told me I was going to be fine.  These people at MD just amaze me…it is one of the reasons you let them do mean things to you….they truly care.

For dinner we met Kelli and Lynzi at Cyclone Anaya’s for Mexican food which was really really good. And we had a great time with them!  They are off to Dallas for the weekend, so we were so happy to spend the evening with them.

Today I had my social worker appointment.  This was very informative and helpful.  Clemencia is my social worker.  We discussed my advanced directives and medical power of attorney (the motto is “Prepare for the worst, Expect the best”),and everything like parking, support groups, learning center, etc.  Here are a few interesting facts we learned:

There is an airport shuttle to MDA from both airports.

Where to park that isn’t so expensive.

MDA has a cutting-edge integrative medicine center.  A few of the 75 programs available include yoga, Pilates, laughter yoga, expressive arts, support groups, meditation, spirituality, acupuncture, oncology massage, music therapy, nutrition consultation, and cooking demonstrations.

The Learning Center is a huge consumer health and medical library.

Cyber Center:  no charge for copies, fax,  computers/printers/scanning, email access, office supplies.

Individual and marital counseling is available.

This one is cool:  “Angel Flight” program, where pilots with private planes provide flights for patients back and forth to the hospital free of charge….they just donate that service!

After this appointment we met with my PA, Erin, and then my stem cell transplant doctor, Dr. Chitra Hosing. They got a final weight and height measurement to determine my chemo dose, I signed all the consent forms, and she told me I passed all my tests with flying colors.  YAY!!!! I am off for the weekend with great news!


7 thoughts on “Friday the Thirteenth

  1. Sweet Holly and Wade,
    What a busy day you had!! I’m glad all your test looked good and you passed with flying colors. You are such an inspiration, always maintaining a sense of humor! When I grow up I want to be just like you!! Take care and as always I’m praying for you.
    GOD’s Blessings,

  2. Lynn Nelson says:

    Have a great weekend! So glad that you have a subclavian line in; that will make things easier for you.

    Love, Lynn

  3. Becky Scurlock says:

    Your comments are always so interesting Holly. Thanks for telling us about MDA. Because I am a nurse, I sometimes have people ask me about it and now I know some specifics to tell them. However, I must admit that I smiled when I read that they have “laughter yoga.” Laughing is what everyone else would be doing if they saw me trying to do the downward dog and other yoga poses!
    I hope you and Wade have a wonderful weekend.
    And I agree with Yolanda—God absolutely loves you and I know that He will be with you all the way through this journey.
    Still praying for you sweet girl and sending love and hugs,


  4. Pat Dawson says:

    Holly and Wade sounds like you had a very busy week, Holly I don’t have to tell you, I’m sure you know how blessed you are to have Wade by your side. What a Blessing he is. Just to say your family here are praying for you and we love you both and ya’ll have a blessed weekend, relax and rest, take care, hope to see you soon.


  5. hollyeasley says:

    Thanks everybody! Becky you make me laugh! The downward dog…HAHAHA!!!

  6. Mel says:

    Holly, hang in there!!! I know that what you are going through isn’t fun at all….please know that I am thinking of you and that all is going to go great! Love your hair – it looks great on you! 🙂

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