Thursday 05-12-11

Well, we got all moved in to our new home away from home and discovered we had no internet!  So, I missed blogging yesterday and will try to get caught up.  This is a full time job…..procedures and tests and appointments all day long!  Yesterday I had ITT pre-procedure assessment (before placing central line), pre PK visit (to check my veins before I have apheresis on Monday),  more blood and “specimen” tests, stem cell pre-admission class, and business center follow up.  In the admission class we learned everything about our hospital visit.  Here are a few details:  No make up, cosmetics, wrinkle creams, no contact lenses, no dental floss, only water based lotion like Eucerin.  This is because so much of the chemo is secreted through your skin and lotions and creams tend to cause a problem.  Contacts can trap chemo between the eye and lense causing damage.  No plants or flowers.  Yes I can bring lots of pictures, my iMac computer, and my snuggie!  My toothbrush has to be brand new and still in the package.  They suggest Sensodyne toothpaste because the mint in other pastes are too strong while on chemo.  I can not eat any fresh fruits or vegetables, only cooked or canned.  No garnishes like parsley on the plate.  I will be in the hospital 4 to 5 weeks, average time to graft for a unrelated donor transplant is 14 to 30 days (donor’s stem cells graft and start producing a new immune system for me).  Today is considered Day -12.  Transplant day (May 24) is Day 0, then we will be in positive numbers!  I can order free weekly chair massages for Wade.  I will not leave my unit during my entire stay.  Yes, my room has a window and a murphy bed for Wade!  I can have visitors who must be completely well, no “just allergies”.  Since my donor has the same blood type as me, I will not be changing blood types.

After this most informative class, we had our business center follow-up.  The very sweet insurance girl was very nervous.  Our prescription drug coverage was maxed out and we would have to pay retail on our drugs for the rest of the year.  She then handed us a list of the drugs I will be discharged with and how much they cost for a 30 day supply.  It was not pretty!  Thirteen different meds with a grand total of $19,154.58.  Thirty day supply.  Wow!  We knew this was going to happen and had made arrangements to change our coverage on June 1st to cover unlimited prescription refills, and it will only cost us the $1000 deductible.  She was genuinely relieved when we told her this!  I’ve blogged before about how proud and thankful I am of my health insurance!  So very thankful.

I will blog about today, tomorrow!  It’s been a long day.  Night-night everybody!


2 thoughts on “Thursday 05-12-11

  1. Hey Sweet Holly and Wade,
    Sounds like you are getting an education about the stem cell procedure. Keeping you in my prayers as always. If you have time could you email me about your prescription insurance. Is it separate from your health insurance? I probably need to get started in checking on this. Your drug price totally blew me away. I thank GOD you have good coverage!
    GOD’s Blessings,

    • hollyeasley says:

      Hi Monica! My prescription plan is with my health insurance at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. We upgraded our policy. We waited to change it over until after my transplant is submitted just to be sure…BCBS says it won’t affect my current coverage, but my transplant comes in around $500,000. My insurance agent has documented everything just to be sure!

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