Tuesday 05-10-11

Today started out early, a CT scan of my head and neck at 6:10 am.  It was the baseline test for my sinuses just in case Graft verses Host Disease (rejection) settles in my sinuses.   After that I had an anesthesia assessment (for my subclavian central catheter procedure),  bone marrow aspiration and bisopsy, an appointment with my transplant coordinator, and an echocardiogram.  Long day and I am tired and sore.  My bone marrow biopsy was at 11:00 which means that I had nothing to eat or drink since midnight.  The nurse who always helps me with my bone marrow biopsies is Patty.  I love her, we have become great friends.  She was on duty today, and it was great to see her again!  After the procedure Wade and I headed over to the skywalk to the Rotary House to eat at a Tacqueria there.  Wade made the comment that the only place we have ever run in to Dr. Garcia-Manero, the Dr. who has been with me from the beginning 5 years ago, is in the skywalk area and wouldn’t it be great to see him before we start all this treatment?!  We head back through the sky walk and there is Dr. G-M at the end with his arms out toward me.  He was with Melissa, my P.A.  He hugged me tight and told me I was doing the right thing and that I am going to be fine.  And he hugged me tight again.  By this time I am crying like a baby!  He has been the most awesome Doctor, and when I am cured won’t be my Doctor any more.  Because I won’t have MDS any longer.  Very bittersweet!  Melissa was very sweet too.  These caring, loving, professionals are the reason MD Anderson is the number one cancer center.  I have blogged about Dr. Garcia-Manero before…..he is considered the number one authority for my disease in the world and he is so down to earth and awesome! On a final note, my coordinator told me today that my donor is from the US.  I asked where he was from and that is all she was able to tell me.  Oh, and here is an example of the diversity of people here at MD.  I sat in the waiting room with a woman from Seattle who is 93 years old.  She has been coming here for years for treatments and check ups.  She traveled by herself, is staying at The Rotary House, and wore a navy skirt and top, a navy sweater, navy hose, navy shoes, a navy hat, and navy glasses with rhinestones.  Wow…she’s amazing!


7 thoughts on “Tuesday 05-10-11

  1. Sweet Holly and Wade,
    Your blog touches my heart in a way nothing else ever has. I thank GOD you have MDAnderson and all the love, support and #1 medical care in the world. What a blessing that we have MDAnderson in our on back yard. I am sure your little body was very tired today after the tests and emotions you experienced. As always, I’m lifting you and Wade and your family up in prayer. May you continue to feel GOD’s peace and mighty precense. GOD’s Blessings, Monica

    • hollyeasley says:

      Hi Monica, I’m so glad you like the blog. I am blazing a trail for you here at MD, and it is only slightly uphill so far! Take care of yourself and I will call you soon!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thinking about you. Reba let me know about your blog. Hope and pray all goes well for you. Love, Lynn Nelson

    • hollyeasley says:

      Hi Lynn! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! I think of you often and miss you every time someone tries to get an IV started on me! Today I got a subclavian catheter, so now it will be easy…YAY! Thanks for your wonderful care!

  3. Hi Holly and Wade,
    You are on my mind many many times during each day. Hope all is going smoothly. I’m praying for no pain and no fear.
    GOD’s Blessings,

  4. Cindy says:

    Think about you both often. You are in my prayers.
    Love Cindy

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