Wednesday 04-13-11

HERE IS MY MOST HAPPY, WONDERFUL NEWS:  MD ANDERSON HAS FOUND AN UNRELATED DONOR MATCH IN THE NATIONAL MARROW REGISTRY!!!!! This person has agreed to be my donor and has already returned the extensive HLA blood test to MD Anderson, and is ready to make appointments to proceed!  My sister has not been able to get a diagnosis on her health issues, and therefore is not a suitable donor.  We waited to see what her Doctor said at her appointment Monday, and it is now obvious that we can not wait any  longer even though she is a perfect related match.  My health has been rapidly going down the tubes the last couple of months.  Right now I don’t know much except that it will probably happen in about 3 to 4 weeks.  Yesterday I received a red blood transfusion, and have recently had alot of neupogen shots, so I am feeling pretty good right now.  Dr. Ravipati in Amarillo will just do support care until I get to Houston.  My transplant Dr.’s PA told me this morning that I will have a bone marrow biopsy as soon as I get down there, and if my blasts are good, we will proceed.  If the blasts are too high, I may have to have treatment first.

I honestly can not describe the feeling that there is a complete stranger out there that is so totally willing to do whatever is necessary to save my life.  Thank you Jesus!  You have answered my prayers!



3 thoughts on “Wednesday 04-13-11

  1. Blaire says:

    “Praise the Lord. I will extol the Lord with all my heart.” Psalm 111:1

    To this unrelated person who is giving the gift of life in the most ultimate random act of kindness – I will be eternally greatful. Thank you for saving my precious mother’s life!

    To Jesus, thank you for answering prayers. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you~!

    Mom – I love you so much! I am so thankful and can’t wait for you to feel good again and enjoy life. You are such an inspiration to me because you have unwavering strength. Such an amazing blessing! Glory to God in the highest!

  2. This is fantastic!! What Wonderful News! What a wonderful young man, helping a wonderful wonderful woman!! Love you Holly! God is Good!!! XOXOXO

  3. Mama Glo says:

    What good news!!! You know we are ready to help in any way we can. Just say the word!

    Love you, Pappy & Mama Glo

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