More News 04-13-11

I JUST LEARNED THAT MY DONOR IS A 19 YEAR OLD MALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so totally amazed!!!!  YIPPEE!!!!  This level of gratefulness is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8 thoughts on “More News 04-13-11

  1. rosie says:

    holly, wade just hooked me up with your blog site. my heart is so happy for you to have foudn a donor. jake and i always talk about what happening with you and wonder sometimes what going on. we are thrilled to hear the news. always in our heart and prayers. rosie.

  2. PAT DAWSON says:

    PRAISE GOD, PRAISE GOD, PRAISE GOD, Holly, your Dad and I just read your Blog, we sat at his desk and cried and cried, I said oh Mr. Lewis these are happy tears that we have for Holly, right, and he said yes, and I thank you Jesus. Yes all prayers have been answered. This has really been tuff for your Dad to swallow, he has worried so much about when you would get this transfusion, but as I told him it is in God’s timing not ours. Holly if by any chance, any chance at all, you need someone to stay with you, if Wade has to leave you for any reason, cause you never know, please let me know, i would gladly come stay with you. My daughter is home now and could stay with my girls, which are her girls. So don’t hesitate to call me. OH MY GOSH I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, WHAT A JOYFUL MOMENT. “NEVER EVER GIVE UP, KEEP YOUR FAITH AND YOUR WILL TO LIVE. LOVE YA GIRL

  3. Cindy says:


    I have been keeping up with your blog and was so excited when I read your great news. You have been in our prayers and will remain there.
    Love Cindy

  4. Patsy Hoffman says:

    Wow!!! This is Wonderful News!! I am so Happy for u. Please keep me uptodate. We went to Houston Fri & back Mon. Baby can come any day. Where r u staying? Tell Wade to give u a big hug for me. I’ll let u know when we head your way. Love Patsy

  5. Sue Smith says:

    Thanksssss soooo much for this info-blog; great idea. Love ya. Sue

  6. Becky Scurlock says:

    Oh Holly, I am thrilled for you and also thankful that God has brought you a donor. Darn it though, I was kind of hoping that I would be a match for you, but I’m guessing 19 year old bone marrow would be a lot better than my 56 year old stuff. Maybe you will end up getting well and also having no wrinkles or gray hair!! LOL
    Keep us posted so that I will know how to best be praying for you guys.
    Hugs to you and Wade,

  7. Mindy Graham says:

    What a wonderful blessing! Isn’t it amazing a 19 year old would step up and even think about making this available. Most 19 year olds are worried about themselves ~ not others. God will richly bless this young man. Just imagine how the power of God could use this story to encourage others to donate to save even more lives.

    I know this health issue has been hard for your family too. Imagine how God can mature your hearts as you bond together in this difficult time. We don’t appreciate the good times as much if we haven’t experienced the bad.

    May God touch your life as I am praying for a complete healing of your body.

    I love you sweet friend!


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