Monday 04-04-11

Had a great weekend.  We celebrated Wade’s birthday yesterday with a cookout and all of our family here!  It was a fun day.  Happy 49th Wade!  Hehehe!

I’ve had 2 doctor’s appointments since my last blog; on last Friday Dr. Ravipati told me she had consulted with Dr. Garcia-Manero in Houston about me continuing the Revlimid chemo with my white count so low.  He told her I really needed to stay on the chemo, but I think she disagreed.  The good part of that appointment was that she prescribed neupogen injections for me so that Wade can give them to me at home.  So I did not have to make the daily trips to Amarillo over the weekend, and I have to admit that Wade gives the shots really well!   I still have one round (3 shots) in the frig.  Yay!  And a sharps container in my house.  Weird!

So today I had another appointment with her to check my blood counts, and she told me to get back on the Revlimid tonight.  I am not thrilled at all, but I tend to agree with Dr. G-M.  This is why:  my counts are gradually becoming worse due to the progression of my disease.  He wanted me on the chemo to try to keep me stable until transplant time.  And today I have a new problem….my platelets are very low and Dr. Ravipati is going to do a smear to see if they are clumping whatever that means!  I always have had good platelets except during my chemo last fall.  Curses!

Homemade pizza tonight…yummy.  Tomorrow I will post the original recipe for the buffalo wings from the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY.  We had them yesterday during the party and they were the BEST!

Have a nice evening!


4 thoughts on “Monday 04-04-11

  1. Becky Scurlock says:

    So I was watching some of the Country Music Awards on Sunday night and Reba was on. She made me think of you and I was hoping you would post something again soon and then here you are! Please pass on late birthday wishes to Wade–how old was he really?

    Maybe he will appreciate this story from just this morning: I decided to start volunteering one day a week at a local clothes closet and food pantry. So this morning I showed up to be “trained” by the head volunteer. My group consisted of 3 other ladies and at 56, I was the youngest. Well the trainer was telling us about how she was having a hard time with the whole getting older thing. She said she would be turning 40 on her next birthday. I stopped her and said to my group of ladies: “Raise your hand if you can even remember turning 40” and of course none of us could! Ha!
    Love ya Holly girl and praying good things for you,

  2. hollyeasley says:

    Really, 49! Yes, I robbed the cradle! LOL!

    Becky, Reba and I are about the same age….we used to look alike, but I have waayyy surpassed her now! I seem to be aging and she doesn’t! I’m with you…can’t remember 40!

    Bless you for volunteering, that’s cool, Becky!

    Love ya, Holly

  3. Mama Glo says:

    Well, I’m sorry to hear that you are having to go back on chemo! We’re keeping our fingers crossed that everything is a go for the transplant after next week! Sounds like a good time over the weekend. LOVE YOU! Mama Glo

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