Sunday 03-27-11 Beautiful Southern California

The view from our room…downtown San Diego and the harbor



Torrey Pines Golf Course


La Jolla Cove, California


Little Italy, San Diego


Mission Beach, San Diego



Post  Script:   Just saw Marcus Luttrell on Joe Nichol’s music video “The Shape I’m In”.  Nichols is working with Marcus and The Boot Campaign which is an organization dedicated to bringing awareness and gratitude to men and women returning home from their military service.

4 thoughts on “Sunday 03-27-11 Beautiful Southern California

  1. Mama Glo says:

    Great pix. Looks like the weather was pretty nice!

  2. Becky Scurlock says:

    Hey Holly,

    Thanks for sharing this site with me. I enjoyed reading about your “journey” and looking at your pictures. I must admit two things: first off, just like I said in San Diego, you don’t look as if you are sick. I think you look wonderful, in pictures and in person! It was such a treat to see you and Wade and I really enjoyed our dinner together. Second: I so admire your positive attitude and courage as you fight this fight. I am sure that I am not the only one to comment that you are an inspiration and your faith is contagious! You rock!

    I am praying that everything will line up quickly so that you can get your stem cell transplant soon. Tell the people who check for potential donors to check me out—I would love to be your donor! Of course that might mean that you would eventually lose your beautiful red hair and get stuck with my messy brown frizz! And I would have to warn you that you would develop a huge distaste for coffee and an ever increasing appetite for ice cream!

    Hugs to you and Wade.
    Love ya Holly girl,

    • hollyeasley says:

      Becky, you make me laugh! You are so sweet! I have loved you every since we sunbathed on the beach together in the Bahamas and talked about anti-aging products! Hahaha!
      We always look forward to seeing you and Steve…yall are a special couple! Maybe Washington?
      Love you,
      P.S. I might look good in brown…I’ve always been told I’m an “Autumn”…and I know I drink way too much coffee! Ice cream? Love it! If we do have to go to the donor bank, I will tell my transplant coordinator. Hugs!

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