Friday 03-25-11

Hey Everybody!

Just to catch up a little bit, last Friday we flew to San Diego.  The night before I was in the ER with chest pains and a terrible rash on my legs.  Long story short, after a cardiac workup everything checked out fine.  That rash was weird…when the bumps popped out they already had scabs on them!  Very bizarre!   The Doctor was worried it was a bad side effect from my chemo so he called my oncologist’s partner who agreed to see me before our flight left the next morning.  They said my counts were too low to travel.  So with bags already in the car and a flight leaving in an hour, we headed to the airport.  The point of this blog is that I made a very deliberate decision to try to live my life as fully as possible and suffer the consequences, rather than stay at home afraid of becoming sick!  No way to live!  And I didn’t have any problems except a couple of extra pounds from all the wonderful seafood I ate while in Southern California!

So this morning I had to go back to the Doctor with my tail between my legs for a follow up visit.  And my counts are very low.  Too low to restart the Revlimid chemo.  To which I silently said yippee!  (That Revlimid sucks!)  Dr. Ravipati will call Dr. Garcia-Manero at MD Anderson and find out what he wants to do.  So I started another round of 3 neupogen shots in 3 days, and will make 2 more treks to Amarillo this weekend for shots.

Speaking of all this chemo and troubles stuff, while in San Diego at the cocktail lounge in our hotel, a young couple was sitting next to us at the bar.  The guy’s crutches slid over and bumped Wade. Those of you that know Wade, he had to make comment….”How’d you hurt your leg, ski accident during Spring Break?”  We had just connected through the Denver airport and no joke, saw lots of kids on crutches!  No, he just returned from Afghanistan on medical leave and was seeing the Doctor the next day in San Diego for his foot that was injured in an explosion.  His 3rd tour.  He was stationed at Pendleton.  He and his very cute wife are from Chicago and had gotten married 4 months ago, and his honeymoon was a plane trip back to Afghanistan.  Oddly enough, he took a book along on that plane trip to read, “Lone Survivor” by Marcus Luttrell.

OK yall, right before the crutches incident, Wade and I were talking about my troubles in the ER, low blood counts, traveling outside my Dr.’s recommendation, etc, etc, etc, cancer is not for sissies, etc, etc, etc.   I was totally blown away.  It just totally put everything into perspective for me.  I cried, and somehow managed to write  Adam and Lauren a note on a cocktail napkin, telling them thank you and what a blessing they had been to me.   All we have to do is look around and realize people make sacrifices for us every day every minute.  Well, not coincidentally, Marcus Luttrell was speaking at our convention 2 days later so Wade offered to try to get Adam and Lauren in as guests to hear the speech.  His Doctor’s appointments were the following day, so this worked out great.  They made it to the speech, and purchased a book and got to talk to Marcus and get their book signed.  Wow….this was awesome!  Especially since his first copy of the book didn’t make it back from Afghanistan!

Those of you that don’t know about Marcus Luttrell, he was born in Texas, was a Navy Seal, and the lone survivor of Operation Redwing and the lost heroes of Seal Team 10 in Afghanistan.  Read this book!  He spoke for an hour and a half and it is an unbelievable, amazing story.  This is the second time we have heard him speak.  Again, you’ve gotta read this book!

I got some great pics of Adam and Lauren with Marcus. Thank you Adam and Lauren for being such a blessing to me!   So here they are.  More pictures of San Diego will follow later!  Have a great weekend!

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