Tuesday 03-08-11

Blog Peeps, here’s my scoop.  Transplant has been posponed, I’m back on oral chemo to keep me stable.  Gay, my donor, has some health problems that need to be resolved or at least diagnosed before we can go forward.  Meanwhile MD Anderson is starting to look in the Bone Marrow Registry to see how good a match is available there.  Gay is a perfect match, meaning we matched on all 10 markers. Usually this only happens with siblings.  My chemo is bringing back some old familiar feelings, but I am getting along fine so far!  Wade says I just look like I’ve been on a 3 day drunk!  OOHHH these eyes can look BAD!

Two ladies please pray for:  Monica in Lubbock, and Darla from Clovis who is at MD Anderson.  I am really looking forward to eventually meeting these ladies!

I’m leaving you with Secret #26:   To enjoy a meaningful way of life and to produce long-lasting effects, the ability to endure must be firmly established within you.

And my personal secret, smile a lot today!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 03-08-11

  1. Mama Glo says:

    We’ll keep smiling with you! Hang in there. We LOVE your spirit!

    Love, Mama Glo

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