Monday 02-28-11

A lot has happened since my last post!  First of all, I ended up getting in with a doctor at Harrington Cancer Center. As it turns out, 2 nurses who worked for the very first hematologist I went to who diagnosed my disease (and is now in Maryland) work at Harrington.  One of them, Tonya, talked to the doctor and got me in.   My appointment went well, except that I learned my neutrophil count is too low to start chemo (.33 last week).  So beginning today I will go to Amarillo and get a neupogen shot every day for 3 days. Then hopefully I will be ready to get started.  The past few days I haven’t felt well at all…..lots of nausea which didn’t work real well with a fast road trip to Houston over the weekend to move out of my apartment!  Since we are delayed with the transplant, we decided to give up the apartment for awhile and try to get it back later when we need it again.  We came back through Flint (Tyler) and visited Mother and Daddy and Jan and Bill and had a very nice time. It was great to see them!  Loved it!  I am so happy and thankful that Daddy is doing better!  Mother seems good too.  Yay!  We had a delicious meal Jan had prepared:  Italian Beef Sandwiches with pepperoncini from The Pioneer Woman’s blog.  Very good!

While in Houston we went to our favorite Italian restaurant down in the Montrose area.  On the way we pass through the museum district which is very cool.  I always admire this building, The Glassell School of Art (part of The Museum of Fine Arts).  It is appropriately made entirely of glass bricks.  Here is a pic:

On to the Italian restaurant Dolce Vita Enoteca.  This place is considered to be Number 3 in the nation for the best pizza.  We let our waiter order for us.  He ordered the pizza he loves after a long night at work….the “calabrese” which has tomato, mozzarella,and spicy salami.  He then adds over-easy eggs and covers the whole pizza with proscuitto.  It was to die for!  Their crust is like none other!  We also had a salad of Italian parsley, fried pancetta, and parmesan; risotto and mozzarella fritto; and calamari with mint, oranges, and olives.  So yummy!  When in Houston, go there!  Their parent restaurant with fine dining is Da Marco, and Poscol is their wine and antipasta bar. We hope to try these out on our next trip.  All down on Westheimer.  More pics:

Bye for now!  Everyone have a great Monday!


5 thoughts on “Monday 02-28-11

  1. monica dunlap says:

    Sweet Holly,
    Went to Dr. today. Go back in 3 months, no treatment at this time.
    I will pray for you every day. May GOD hold you gently in the palm of HIS mighty hand. My phone #806-239-7435. Call or email me if you are coming to Lubbock.

    • hollyeasley says:

      Hi Monica! I’m hoping that 3 months + no treatment = great news! Yippee! I am praying for you too, and will get to Lubbock as soon as I can. I am so looking forward to meeting you! Take care of yourself! Big hugs!

  2. PAT DAWSON says:

    Holly I was reading your Blog and realized you had been to Flint and I missed you this time. I love it when you and Wade come it just lifts your Dad’s spirits so much. Ya”ll have the sweetest spirit and love for each other, (u and wade ) and your family also, its just awsome. Well I heard once I got here today that you will be getting on with the procedure real soon, gosh I know you are so ready, this waiting is very damaging to your mental abilities. I mean your mind is never clear and thoughts go 90 miles a hr. But we are praying that this will get you up and running full throttle again. I have put out loads of prayer request for you, so hang in there sweetie, we got you lifted so high that it’s all good from here. love ya Pat Dawson

  3. hollyeasley says:

    Pat, we so missed you while we were at Mother and Daddy’s! I truly appreciate all of your good thoughts and prayers! It is what keeps me up and going! You are truly a blessing to our family! Hope to see you next time! Love you!

  4. Blaire says:

    Well said Pat! Well said!

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