Thursday 02-10-11

HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY HAYES !!!!!!!  Hope you have a great day and year!  You so deserve it, and I love you so much!  Twenty five years ago, you were about 2 hours old and the sweetest little baby boy in whole wide world!  Happy Day!

Well, to catch up, I did not have to have my root canal!  YAY!!!  My endodontist, Dr. Kirk Coury in Amarillo took a scan with this cool 3D xray machine and determined that the tooth was not abcessed.  It appeared abcessed in the traditional xray ,but with his new technology could determine that it was the pattern of bone behind the tooth that made it look that way.  I was so happy.  Dr. Coury has been involved with this disease process I have gone through from the beginning because for some reason, mouth problems have cropped up along the way.  Like weird mouth troubles!  He has performed surgery to remove a cyst, and has done 2 root canals because I had a terrible condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia (facial nerve pain).  Tuesday Dr. Coury looked in my mouth and asked me if I was anemic.  Smart guy!  Yes, getting closer to needing a couple of units of red blood.  He is very intelligent and caring, which shines brightly through his staff.   I appreciate the care he has given me.

Tuesday was also Sydney’s 12th birthday, and we had a fun party, steak and crab legs, and birthday pies which she requested instead of cake.  She wanted a pecan pie and a cherry cream cheese pie.  So that is what we had!  She finally got a cell phone and is so very happy!  Look up The Pioneer Woman’s Pecan Pie.  It is to die for!

Tonight for Hayes it is German Chocolate Cake after chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans.  Yummy!  Harley asked me to put “I Love You” on his cake!

Still don’t know the time frame for the transplant yet, but will keep you posted.  Everyone have a great day!


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