Friday 01-28-11

This morning was my consultation with Dr. Garcia-Manero, my second appointment with him this week. After seeing my transplant team yesterday, Wade and I both felt like Dr. G-M would tell it like it is so that we could understand what we need to do. Since he is considered to be the Number One authority in the world on my disease we totally trust his opinion.   Here’s the low-down. I have used up all but about a year of my life expectancy during the last 4 years since I was diagnosed. My risk of getting sick and dying of an infection or transfusion related infection have now overtaken the risks of a stem cell transplant which are graft vs host disease and death. Since I have a relative perfect donor, and my health is pretty good right now, we need to proceed with transplant. Gay and I matched perfectly on all 10 markers. Without a perfect match, Dr. G-M would not recommend us to proceed with the transplant, and would instead try other chemos to try to keep me stable until one could be found. With every imperfection in a donor match the risks with host vs graft disease increase. This is basically rejection disease and can be anything from a minor skin rash to major debilitation resulting from the immune system attacking your major organs. Most people experience some degree of host vs graft, and therefore after you are released from the hospital, you must have daily appointments at the hospital for at least 14 weeks, or 100 days. Usually this is controlled with medications that you are eventually weaned off of. The hospital stay is usually 4 weeks. Not meaning to freak anyone out with this post, but I have probably gone overboard by not talking openly about my condition and it is difficult for some to understand why I suddenly need a stem cell transplant. Well, after we had this appointment, we decided to take the afternoon off and go to the zoo. It was a beautiful day in the 70s, very sunny and still. Very enjoyable! And it was a fun distraction! Then we went to Katy to Kelli’s and the 3 of us went to dinner at Saltgrass. Fun evening!


6 thoughts on “Friday 01-28-11

  1. Rosanna says:


    Your battle has been clear to me all along, but remember, “YOU WILL WIN THIS ONE!”

    Hey, GIRL, YOU MUST GET BETTER because you still haven’t joined me in Sicily and that needs to happen!!!

    I will talk to you soon.

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

    • hollyeasley says:

      Rosanna, we are so going to meet you in Italy the minute I get medical clearance after I am well! Wish you were here tonight, I am preparing pasta with tomato cream sauce, black olives, sun dried tomatoes, filletttoni di tonno, and ricotta salata. I miss you and love you Rosanna!

  2. PAT DAWSON says:


    Just want you to know that a prayer chain is out on you. I have lotz of friends and relatives that have passed the word in their church and church groups to put you on their prayer list. I’m sure you believe in prayer, Holly i can tell you there is healing and as much as you must think, well bring it on, it will happen. My son, as I told you was so sick and getting blood transfusion’s. so so very weak, but he has really made an inprovement and doing great. Don’t give up on hope, stand on your faith and believe it will happen. Just remember in the darkest of your times he still is working on getting you well. I have a guy that goes to the church I use to attend, his nephew passed out and was having serve headaches, and when going to the dr. he was told that he had a brain tumor and had to go to M.D. Anderson in Houston to a brain surgeon NOW. Well my friend and his family were on their way to MDA and he recieved a call saying don’t give up, believe God can heal your nephew and during the drive he wrote a song called, DON’T GIVE UP…… Well they made it to MDA and he went though all the test as usual and the Dr.s came out and said I don’t know who told you that you have a brain tumor, but we did not see anything. He was 19 at the time and now is 37 and a Professor at a Unversity now. So believe and not giving up, hold on to your faith, i believe you may have to go though the stemcell procedure but then you will be good to go. Your have a wonderful wonderful family, l love working with you all, Your Husband is astronomical, and you are so blessed to have him, most men would take this very lightly and say the dr,’s here are as good as MDA, but no, your doing the right thing with the right people. Your healing is comming sweetie, just hang in there and know your famiy and friends love you very much. I have only been around you and Wade for a short time, but would love to be your friend. You both are very good people. WE LOVE YOU AND SO DOES JESUS……. LOVE PAT DAWSON/CARETAKER OF THE WELCH’S

  3. Becky R. says:

    Dear Holly: Thanks for coming back online and posting information for those of us who love you. You are in my prayers and on the prayer list at church for the prayer group to pray for. Keep your faith strong; God can do anything. It’s great that Gay is a match for you and that is a blessing in itself…see?? Faith in action. Your postings and pictures make me HUNGRY! What I wouldn’t give for one of your delicious meals. I think you are the best “cooker” I’ve ever met!! It’s cold here too since our heater in the living room is not working (can you beleive that? waits until a critical cold spell to go out) I’m spending lots of time in our bedroom reading since it’s warm in there. Cancelled class yesterday, but will go to Hereford tomorrow. Do you need me to run any errands for you? Call me if you need anything (265-7570) Remember that I love you….

  4. hollyeasley says:

    Thank you so much Becky! I am doing good, but will call if I need anything! You are very dear to me and I love you! Stay warm!

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