Friday 11-19-10

Some random thoughts from this week:

1) Houston weather has been beautiful this week – upper 60s, low 70s, down to 50s at night. Lots of sunshine!
2) Apple, please license Adobe Flash Player for iPad, so my blog will be easier and look better!
3) Speaking of apples, “Man (woman) can not live on apples and caramel dip alone”
4) In my brain: Lady, sit down, shut up, and wait your turn like everyone else. Out loud: Of course, go ahead and take my slot. I’ll go next.
5) Echocardiograms seem like they would be much easier for men… breasts to get in the way! Unless of course, man boobs!
6) if I am going to have to spend $18 a day on one pill, I would much rather support a more exciting habit like good booze and smokes! But I’m sticking with the pills!
7) Still have a soft spot in my heart for Houston, having lived here before. Like my ‘hood.

8)  Did Brandy really get voted off of DWTS???!!!
9) I don’t even know who The Sexiest Man Alive is….Ryan Reynolds
10) Spirometry test made me want to laugh because the technician cracked me up.
11) So thankful my siblings are doing the HLA donor match test next week!
12) Getting 2 units of red blood today. At MDA all red blood is irradiated as a standard of care making it safer. Other places don’t do this. Thanks so much to all donors! You are lifesavers!
13) I love the way Kid Rock and Martina McBride sing so soulfully together.
14) I love my husband who is back in Houston to take care of me and get me home for my week off!
15) My neighbor gets home every night at 10:30, makes a lot of noise hammering, turns up the TV or music and sings (badly) very loud!
16) Sharon has been my nurse all week in the transfusion unit and she is the best!

17) My Chinese EKG tech just told me how to make wonton soup.  Can’t wait to try it!

18) Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday 11-16-10

First of all, a big thank you to all of you for your interest in my blog and for all of your comments. I am not very good at replying to your comments, but that doesn’t mean I don’t truly appreciate them and you!
Right now I am in the transfusion unit about to receive my chemo. Should be finished for the day by 10:30. I like the early morning treatments, because this process is very time consuming! I will finish Round 3 on Friday and be off for the week of Thanksgiving! Wade is coming on Thursday to get me home. We are road tripping this time.
Wade was here all last week which was wonderful! On Friday we
drove to Tyler and visited Mother and Daddy. It was so very good
to spend some time with them! Daddy has had such troubles with
his back and shoulder. I was so happy to see him feeling better.
Everybody send Big Love their way! I hated to leave! I will post a picture.
Also I am posting a picture of the quilt Bill sent me, since I was having trouble posting it before. I love it!
Today I’m leaving you with Secret 57: “Through words and deeds the knowledgeable person moves heaven and earth”.

Wednesday 11-10-10

Ok did Taylor Swift’s song on the CMAs seem country to you? Just sayin…….

My transplant coordinator called me a couple of times today. She said most people have around 8 possible matches in the registry, she said it looked like there is 29,000 possible for me. Wow. That is encouraging! Or erroneous, I don’t know!

Monday 11-08-10

Arrived back in Houston last night after 2 weeks off from chemo. The first week off I wasn’t really “off”…..appointment with Dr. G-M on Tuesday, then a bone marrow biopsy on Thursday. Blaire flew in to help me with the biopsy and to get me back home. We had a great time together! Got back home just in time to drive to Lubbock to see The Eagles. They were absolutely amazing! I wasn’t exactly in very good shape to go, but it was totally worth it. Those guys are still incredible!

When I got home I had a package waiting for me from Bill, who is Glo’s brother. It is a beautiful handmade scripture quilt that Glo’s
sister Kitty and her friends at her church in Henderson NV made for
Bill’s wife, Shirley who had cancer and passed away several months
ago. It is a beautiful quilt and I was so touched that Bill wanted me
to have it. I am totally overwhelmed at the kindnesses that have
been shown to me and feel so blessed! I really thought I had
uploaded the picture of this quilt but I can’t find it in my library. As soon as I can, I will post a picture. This blog is sometimes very
challenging for me! Thanks so much Bill!

The second week off was chilling at home and loving it. I got to spend Halloween with my Grandkids and loved every minute of it. Got to hang with my family and grandkids quite a bit during the week, and ended it with a birthday party for Haley celebrating her 21st birthday. Wade cooked awesome steaks, and I made Paula Deen’s Grandmother’s Red Velvet Cake which was to die for! It was a great evening. Very good week off!

Back at MD Anderson in the transfusion unit about to get chemo to start Round 3. My blood levels are kind of flat, but platelets are looking great today! I had to get 6 units of platelets the last week of Round 2, so I am starting off good.

Tomorrow I see Dr. Garcia-Manero about my bone marrow biopsy results. He had rushed the results hoping to have the cytology by my appointment tomorrow. We will hopefully learn if the chemo is working and we go forward, or if it is not working and we stop. Until then, Merry Monday!