Wednesday 10-20-10

On my last flight from Amarillo to Houston on 10.10.10, I sat with 2 friendly, fun ladies. One turned out to have family in Hereford and works for BP; the other lives in Katy, works in a compounding pharmacy there, one daughter lives in Amarillo, the other in Katy. Her husband had been a transplant patient at MD Anderson sometime in the past. I usually don’t visit much on airplane rides, but this was different…very enjoyable! I told the one who lives in Katy about my blog and gave her my blog address.

Today is Lynzi’s 16th birthday so I drove out to Katy to hang out with Kelli and Lynzi this afternoon. I was telling Kelli about my friend whose name I didn’t know or where she worked but we got in the car and found a compounding pharmacy very near Kelli’s house. And there she was, my friend from the flight! She told me she wasn’t able to get on my blog site, and had been wondering who she had been praying for when she prayed for me this morning!

I’ve had some amazing things happen to me the last couple of days and this was one of them! Ginny, I look forward to calling you soon!

5 thoughts on “Wednesday 10-20-10

  1. Gay says:

    May you have more amazing things happen to you!

  2. Blaire says:

    Love this story! Love you!

  3. Jeff Williams says:

    Love the good news and love the blog! We miss you around the office but I’m so glad positive things are happening for you!!

    • Holly says:

      Hi Jeff! I miss my visits too! One of these days Wade and I are going to surprise you and show up at Hoot’s for The Flying Elbows!! Take care of yourself….big hugs!
      P.S. Have you listened to the collaboration of Elton John and Leon Russell, The Union? It is amazing! Go turn it up!

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