Thursday 10-14-10

Today that chemo kicked my butt! Kelli picked me up at the hospital and I instantly started crying…not good! We had a nice lunch and awesome chocolate cake! When I got home I went to the workout room and walked on the treadmill 25 minutes. This is the key to my happiness right now – it’s going to help me get through these not so good days.

Looking through my junk mail I discovered a Central Market ad and saw that Lydia Bastianich was doing a book signing for her new cookbook, and a tasting of her food products today from 5:00-7:00 and it’s 4:30. I hauled my self over there (River Oaks area), parked amongst the BMWs and hauled my scruffy, work-out clothed body in there and found her! I wanted to hug and kiss her but I refrained! Very lovely lady! And that store rocks! Definitely will be going back there! I’m so proud of my signed book!


One thought on “Thursday 10-14-10

  1. Mama Glo says:

    Hi again, Holly, the phone rang while I was writing my comment Wednesday night, so I sort of cut it off short. Good on you (as the Aussie’s say) for going and doing even on your bad days! That’s pretty exciting about the signed cookbook. We hope that you don’t have too many bad days, and just keep on kicking this thing in the ass! Love you, and you guys have a great weekend! Pappy and Mama Glo

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