Wednesday 10-13-10

Hi Everyone! I’ve taken my time getting back to my blog…..had a great week off at home. Got to spend time with family, grandkids, and friends! And got all healed up from chemo just in time to start over! The very best part of coming back to Houston was Hayes picking me up at the airport Sunday and staying with me until today! It was really wonderful to get to spend some time with him! He, Kelli, and I got to hang out for dinner 2 nights which was lots of fun!

I had my appointment with Dr. Garcia-Manero yesterday and got the most awesome news from him – the #1 person in Virginia in my research trial who has acute leukemia is now in complete remission after his first two rounds! Wow! That is so exciting to me! Our plan is to complete round 2, then have a bone marrow biopsy, and go from there. Dr. G-M gave me an extra week off after round 2 which I’m pretty happy about! Lots of good news! This is why you come to the #1 cancer center in the nation and do what they say! So encouraging!

I’m a little emotional today – Hayes left early this morning and Wade flew to Vegas this morning for a bank meeting. Just wishing I was there! Since I didn’t take any pics while Hayes was here like I intended to, I’ll post a pic out of my archives!

Ok well I can’t get my pictures to load and so I’ll try again later!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday 10-13-10

  1. Mama Glo says:

    That is good news about the # 1 patient! We’re hoping for all good news from now on!!! What a bummer….Wade is in Las Vegas without you!

  2. Gay says:

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! Glad you got to spend some time with Hayes.

  3. Wade says:

    I am really excited about Holly’s visit with her doctor. Vegas isn’t much fun without her. I am missing her bad. I will be in Houston tomorrow night and get to spend the weekend with her, so I am excited to get there.

  4. hollyeasley says:

    Thank you all! Blood counts are good today! Wade, get here fast!

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