Thursday 10-21-10

I love small things…..they give me happiness right now!
Burt’s Bees Lip Balm
Kiehl’s Hand Salve for my chemo-ridden amphibian skin!
Dunkin Donuts coffee
A new, clean sock dressing for my picc line
Blush to give me peachy cheeks
James letting me ride the bus when I forget my tokens!
My leopard snuggie
A TV remote control that WORKS in my chemo room 🙂

Wednesday 10-20-10

On my last flight from Amarillo to Houston on 10.10.10, I sat with 2 friendly, fun ladies. One turned out to have family in Hereford and works for BP; the other lives in Katy, works in a compounding pharmacy there, one daughter lives in Amarillo, the other in Katy. Her husband had been a transplant patient at MD Anderson sometime in the past. I usually don’t visit much on airplane rides, but this was different…very enjoyable! I told the one who lives in Katy about my blog and gave her my blog address.

Today is Lynzi’s 16th birthday so I drove out to Katy to hang out with Kelli and Lynzi this afternoon. I was telling Kelli about my friend whose name I didn’t know or where she worked but we got in the car and found a compounding pharmacy very near Kelli’s house. And there she was, my friend from the flight! She told me she wasn’t able to get on my blog site, and had been wondering who she had been praying for when she prayed for me this morning!

I’ve had some amazing things happen to me the last couple of days and this was one of them! Ginny, I look forward to calling you soon!

Tuesday 10-19-10

Cydnie, today I received the most beautiful shawl you knitted for me. I have never met you or know anything about you except for this beautiful, amazing act of kindness you have touched me with! As soon as my app is fixed and I can again upload pics, I will post a photo of this shawl. I totally love it! And I love you too Cydnie!

Friday 10-15-10

Busy day today….started at 7:30 for blood work, then review, then chemo, then EKG, and finally in the stem cell transplant unit for appointment with the stem cell Doctor, Dr. Hosing. We are going to start the donor process and get everything in place for a transplant (which can take up to 6 months) so that, should I need a transplant we are ready to go. After we see how I am responding to my chemo, Dr. G-M and Dr. Hosing will consult and decide what is best for me. The transplant requires 4 to 5 months in Houston and about $263,000 to $500,000. Wow, I’m so thankful for my insurance!

TGIF!!!! Wade’s plane gets in to Houston tonight and I can’t wait to see him! We are going to have a great weekend, and that’s my wish for you too!

Thursday 10-14-10

Today that chemo kicked my butt! Kelli picked me up at the hospital and I instantly started crying…not good! We had a nice lunch and awesome chocolate cake! When I got home I went to the workout room and walked on the treadmill 25 minutes. This is the key to my happiness right now – it’s going to help me get through these not so good days.

Looking through my junk mail I discovered a Central Market ad and saw that Lydia Bastianich was doing a book signing for her new cookbook, and a tasting of her food products today from 5:00-7:00 and it’s 4:30. I hauled my self over there (River Oaks area), parked amongst the BMWs and hauled my scruffy, work-out clothed body in there and found her! I wanted to hug and kiss her but I refrained! Very lovely lady! And that store rocks! Definitely will be going back there! I’m so proud of my signed book!

Wednesday 10-13-10

Hi Everyone! I’ve taken my time getting back to my blog…..had a great week off at home. Got to spend time with family, grandkids, and friends! And got all healed up from chemo just in time to start over! The very best part of coming back to Houston was Hayes picking me up at the airport Sunday and staying with me until today! It was really wonderful to get to spend some time with him! He, Kelli, and I got to hang out for dinner 2 nights which was lots of fun!

I had my appointment with Dr. Garcia-Manero yesterday and got the most awesome news from him – the #1 person in Virginia in my research trial who has acute leukemia is now in complete remission after his first two rounds! Wow! That is so exciting to me! Our plan is to complete round 2, then have a bone marrow biopsy, and go from there. Dr. G-M gave me an extra week off after round 2 which I’m pretty happy about! Lots of good news! This is why you come to the #1 cancer center in the nation and do what they say! So encouraging!

I’m a little emotional today – Hayes left early this morning and Wade flew to Vegas this morning for a bank meeting. Just wishing I was there! Since I didn’t take any pics while Hayes was here like I intended to, I’ll post a pic out of my archives!

Ok well I can’t get my pictures to load and so I’ll try again later!