Monday 09-27-10

Ok food….we have to talk. I have loved you all my life. I have devoted countless hours learning all about you and tastefully preparing you. Spent lots of money on you and books about you, and shared you with lots of people. So why are you doing this to me? You are no longer appealing to me. Just when I think I am hungry, after a few bites you turn on me again! You just don’t taste like you should. Please don’t do this to me!
And what’s up with every where I go, I smell fried chicken?! I like fried chicken, but it is getting annoying smelling it a lot, even outside in the open air. Can I at least not have fried chicken, maybe chocolate chip cookies or coffee? Think about it, food.


5 thoughts on “Monday 09-27-10

  1. Lynn says:

    Great post, Holly! I hope this passes soon!

  2. Kim says:

    Yo To….my WT sister…..Loving the blog, its great to keep up with you and your little old upbeat self….I love you!!

  3. Blaire says:

    Fried chicken, Really??? The mind is a complex thing! Love ya Mom! Come home soooooon!

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