Thursday 09-23/10

Julio is the guy who comes and gets my EKG in the evening (we’ve been here until 8:00-8:30 every evening). His accent is unusual, so I asked him where he was from…..Cuba. He is a medical doctor. Two years ago he went to Uganda, Africa to work in his field (oncology). He defected to the US, through the American Embassy. He can get his license to practice here if he will study and pass the exams. Meanwhile he is working in the research lab. He told us he would be imprisoned for life if he ever decides to return, which he won’t. His parents are still there, and not allowed to leave. He is a very kind man, and his story touched me.

Small world department: while walking through the clinic someone called out “Wade, what are you doing here?”. It was a girl from Hereford that worked at one of the other banks in Hereford, and moved to LaPorte a few years ago. Crazy!!

Met Kelli and Lynzi at Outback for steaks and had a great evening. Lynzi had just passed her driver’s ed course, so we had something to celebrate! Good times!


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