Tuesday 09-21-10

Today my infusion nurse, Marsha, told me that her dad is the number 1 person in the trial I am in. This was cool to get to visit with her because he started 2 weeks before me, so I had a lot of questions for her and what his side effects are. He is doing good, with tiredness being his biggest problem.

Out of the hospital at 8:00 p.m……another long day. Time for some Italian food! Collina’s over on Richmond is a small little place that makes awesome pizza. They import 00 flour from Italy for their crust. It is so yummy! Great ending!


6 thoughts on “Tuesday 09-21-10

  1. Lynn says:

    I totally appreciate your positive attitude, Holly! Wish I had a bite of that pizza tonight. Hope you get a good night’s sleep.

  2. Blaire says:

    Hey Mom!! So glad you are blogging!!! I am impressed! Thank you for posting the pictures – now I can envision it! I love you so much and miss you tons – glad everything is going well!

  3. Vandra says:

    Good to hear from you. You are in my prayers. God is good!!! Take care of yourself and follow instructions. You are a strong lady and you can beat this. It was so good to visit with Blair. She is a beautiful young lady. Take care. Check with you later. Luv u!!!!

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