Monday 09-20-10

Monday 09-20-10

Blood work, EKG, and the dreaded PICC line insertion! This is a catheter that is inserted in your upper arm and threaded all the way to your heart muscle! I asked “can’t you just thread it in just a little bit?”……no it has to go all the way so that the chemotherapy is dispersed immediately with each heartbeat, otherwise it would burn your vein. Or at least that is what they told me! Ok y’all, I was glad to have that over with! Wade and I had to go to class two times, and then do a demonstration on how to care for this line! It has to be flushed daily with heparin, and weekly end cap and dressing changes. After Wade passed the demonstration we were able to go get the supplies. It’s not a little bag, we are talking about a big bag full of stuff!

After the PICC line was done, it’s time to try it out with my first
chemotherapy treatment. EKG first, then a 30 minute drip of anti-nausea medicine, then both chemotherapy drugs which took another
30 minutes. One hour after chemotherapy is finished, another EKG. All of these EKGs are required by the protocol since one of the drugs relatives causes some heart problems. After the first round is over
they will only be done weekly. Yay!

Wow…..what a long day. We were in this hospital for over 11 hours! Exhausted! In case you are wondering what a PICC line looks like here’s a pic!


2 thoughts on “Monday 09-20-10

  1. Dina says:

    ouch were you awake when they put that in your arm? i hope not

    • hollyeasley says:

      They gave me versed, the amnesia drug. But it’s not all it’s cracked up to be!!!! You are awake but soon can’t remember it….weird. Wade says the most scary part is that he is my nurse, and has to take care of it!!!! LOL!!!

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