Thursday 09/16/10

Hey Everybody! I’ve decided to start blogging my Houston experiences to keep my family and friends updated while I am away from home and also as a type of journal and therapy for me!
This is my first attempt at blogging, I’m definitely a newby!

Got to Houston just in time for my appointment with my Doctor, Dr. Garcia-Manero at MD Anderson Cancer Center. We also met my research nurse, Sheryl, who is in charge of making all of my appointments, making sure we follow the trial exactly, and any other issues. Dr. Garcia-Manero spent a lot of time with us, explaining my treatment options. We decided to go with his recommendation – a research trial of an investigative drug that he developed (belinostat), combined with an approved drug used currently to treat multiple myeloma. Used together they will target a certain protein cell that causes my disease, myelodysplastic syndrome. Ultimately I need a bone marrow transplant AKA stem cell transplant, but those work much better when you are in remission… we are working on getting into remission! I have learned that my Dr. is considered the #1 foremost expert in the WORLD for myelodysplastic syndrome! That’s exciting to me! I am definitely in the right place! Sheryl told me he spent several days studying my case, and in fact called me at home on Saturday night during Labor Day weekend to give me my bone marrow results. He is from Spain and I am guessing mid-fortyish!

Here is a picture of the hospital. It is a huge place – it is impossible to get a good pic!


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