Friday 09-17-10

Started the morning off with a bone marrow biopsy in out-patient surgery with sedation. This is the only way to have one of these! Propofol is good stuff….you are out instantly and then awake instantly with very little side effects or grogginess. This was Michael Jackson’s drug of choice, but unfortunately his doctor did not monitor him closely enough and he overedosed. Don’t understand wanting to try this drug at home!

Feeling pretty good about everything except my health insurance. Sometimes they don’t like to cover Phase One of a research trial. After hearing it would take up to 10 days to get approval, they came through in the afternoon – just in time for me to get my 3 EKGs done and approved and the consent form signed. We are set to start treatment on Monday. This is when we decided to drive over to Tyler to visit my parents in their new home on Lake Palestine next door to my sister and brother-in-law, Jan and Bill, for the weekend. It was a beautiful drive over, we took a new route through Crockett this time. It was so wonderful to see Mother and Daddy, Jan and Bill, and hang out for the weekend! Watched football and chilled. Great weekend! Here is a picture of Mother and Daddy’s new home:


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